Music Hall Casino "Mix up or Hold up?"


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Jun 13, 2003
This is a nice little casino that spreads a $.50 minimum bet blackjack game. I got an offer to play with a 100% matching bonus of up to $100.00. The terms required 20 times wagering for either blackjack or roulette, and 10 times for other games. Craps and baccarat don't count towards meeting wagering requirements. This is a Microgaming software user, so I expect good customer service.

After two days of wagering I had gotten to over $5,000.00 in qualifying bets and had a nice profit from my $100 purchase. I had an email from customer service saying that I'd satisfied their minimum wagering requirements and was free to cashin at anytime. This was on July 11th. Today, on the 17th, I get an email saying I've not met the minimum requirements and my cashin has been reversed back into my player's account. I went to the Casino's chat feature and spoke with a customer service person who confirms that my wagers were a full 25% more than that required. He says that he'll forward my complaint to the finance department who doesn't come in for another 6 hours. This is at 10:00 AM California time.

I expect that I'll get my money OK, but I just wanted to send out a head's up that they are, at best, not too well organized in their customer support functions, and, at worst, guilty of deliberate delays in giving winning players their winnings. Play there at your own risk. There are many other online casinos that pay promptly and don't give their customers the runaround.
I got that same offer recently and was about to take them up on it. Please let us know what they say when they finally get back to you.
:) Just a quick followup on my situation with Music Hall. I got an email about five hours after posting to the forum. It appears now that they could find no justification for reversing my cash out. They say that they will process it today. I hope they follow through, and I will hopefully report here after I've received my money.
Thanks for the update. Glad to hear they changed their minds. I'm still trying to decide if I want to give them a try.
Just received the deposit money back in my Firepay account. Should get the $477 in winnings into my Neteller account today as well. All's well that ends well, and I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. A regrettable mix up rather than a deliberate attempt to keep my money longer than necessary. A nice bonus program for those that don't mind 20 times wager requirement. I play a limited progressive Martingale, so it eats up wagers pretty quickly.

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The $100 that I received in my Firepay account, that I ASSUMED was from Music Hall Casino, turned out to be from Las Vegas USA Casino. Kudos to Las Vegas USA for their prompt payout, but I'm still waiting for the money promised from Music Hall Casino. Next time I report, I'll make sure of the facts.
This is definitely a shock since I would put the vegas partners group up there amoung the top casinos on the net (next to sunny group). I hope the problem can be solved quickly as this group usually does.

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