Casino Complaint Mummy gold - its a big joke


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Jun 15, 2011

read this, its so funny and this casino its a big joke.

I play last 2 month on this casino, lost something about 500$ and I never win.
I decide to send a email to close my account. tired to lost and dont have chance to play a little for my money.

after 1 week I receive a email who mummy gold, say we are sorry your closed your account, and for this if you re-open your account and make a depot of 50$ we will give you 50 free spin on thunderstruck 2.

after 1 week I say mmm let try again and give a chance. I depot 50$ get the free spin.

and the funny part.

in 50 free spin I win 2$ what a joke. I say ok lets play my 52$.
in 5 minut who I bet 60 cent i play 5 minut, what a joke. this casino is rogued and suck.

this casino fraud people with email. and you will never win on that casino.

Never play on this casino.


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Oct 11, 2008
A badluck run doesn't deserve the title you've given them. You win some you lose some! Believe me been there done that.

I don't think they should've tempted you to reopen your account with some free spins but at the same time it was your choice to do so.
We all get frustrated after a bad run and sometimes vent but "ROGUE" is a term that shouldn't be used there. I've lost thousands before without
winning anything so i know how it feels, just take a week or two or three off from playing and try your luck again or try playing somewhere else for a while.:cool:


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Jan 20, 2004
A badluck run doesn't deserve the title you've given them.

Quite so, title changed accordingly.

Also (thanks for the Reports) turns out the OP has done pretty much the same before: Never play here. This "I didn't win, they're liars and frauds" stuff sounds an awful lot like sore loser kvetching, in other words a personal agenda. Please note that this is a violation of the Forum Rules:
1.11 - Please do not exploit this board to promote your own personal agenda. If the moderators (and members) feel that you are spamming the board with links or ad copy to your website, harassing members with agenda laden posts, or consistently ragging on a casino that did you wrong, etc., your account may be suspended.
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Dec 2, 2001
I don't understand why people come here to rant about a loss on one casino. Its really common to lose , and that does not have anything to do with the casino being rogue or rigged.
Yes there are some casinos that are rogue and rigged , but not this one. Losing is part of the game. Sometimes the bad runs can last for months, so one or even 10 lost deposits don't justify flaming a casino.
This casino is a microgaming casino, and its the most well known software provider, and definately not rigged.


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Jan 21, 2004
There are people with "systems". If they win, it's proof that their system works. If they lose, the casino is rigged.


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Mar 27, 2011
System huh?, if anyone can tell me they made a deposit and had a 3-4 bagger session then left or cashed out, and came back a week or so later and continued betting and winning and repeated that process, I'd be glad to hear of their success. Because the time away has to be part of the discipline. I've already adopted the system of cashing out the big wins . Also, I've bagged upping the bet strategy on trying to catch a feature after a dead run due to controls put on bonus rounds. I'm thinking flat betting on slots is the way to go. I get better payouts on $0.40 bets.

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