Multiple issues at Carnival casino


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Aug 5, 2004
I'm having a lot of communication issues with this casino. I managed to speak to a CSR today (via a terribly choppy and barely audible long-distance call to the Philipines), but she seemed only half-willing to acknowledge these issues :

1 - The casino promotional terms page has been out of order for many weeks :
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2 - The toll-free line supposedly available from Canada does not work.

3- The casino does not receive my emails even though there is absolutely no form of filtering going on with either my email client or my ISP.

4 - The in-casino chat support, which I'm told is supposed to be available 24/7, is not serving its purpose : the chat icon is not even there most of time and when it is there, no one answers, no matter how long I wait.

If someone from Carnival management sees this post, please wake up and do something. Your CSR failed to understand that it's in Carnival's own interest to fix these things.
Some of the above issues have been resolved but now Carnival denies my cashouts under the pretense that I can't cashout more than 10k in a month.

Here is a quote from their terms :

Please note that:
There is NO LIMIT to the amount a player can cash out in the casino.
However, there is a maximum of $9,000 per single withdrawal transaction (or the equal amount in GBP or EURO). All amounts larger than $9,000 will be paid in terms until the full withdrawal amount is reached.

I have, in fact, withdrawn about 10k so far this month, but there is nothing in their terms that say I can't withdraw more. I have another 10k or so that I would cashout if only they would let me.

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