Multiple accounts.....A definitive definition.


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
Nov 5, 2001
Dear Meister.

I am enquiring as to what the Meister considers to be "multiple accounts"?

I take it to mean opening more than one account in any one casino.
Roger that!

It can mean to open more than one account per credit card (or payment option), household, person, or computer. It can take many shapes or forms. Most casinos will have a definition of what a mutiple account is, and it would be best to clarify it with them in writing to make sure there is no question of what it is.

My definition is that a mutiple account is when the same person opens more than one account at a specific casino.

Roger that?I take it you are English then?...Do you miss the cold?

Multiple accounts:Is there any regulation of such matters on the cards?

I'm new to all this and i get the overriding feeling i've entered the circus through the tarpauline roof..
Yes Foo,the circus would be incomplete without your good self...

You could have mentioned where he was from...

Don't tell me..You run an online casino?..That would explain the lack of info..

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