Multiplayer Gin Rummy debuts


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Feb 22, 2001

Global multiple player access to a popular game of skill

The popular card game Gin Rummy debuts online this week in multiplayer format on Cyprus-based RM Royal Media Limited's Rummy website, which has been in operation for some four months (see previous InfoPowa reports)

The website offers advanced gaming software, reliable customer service, and a chance to play an all-time classic card with up to four other players.

Traditional Rummy, the popular Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy and Kalooki are featured in the skill gaming inventory at the site.

RM Royal Media claims that more than 27 million people planet-wide play Rummy in one form or another, making it the third most popular game in the world. Invented at the exclusive Knickerbocker Club in New York City, it later became the game of choice of the Hollywood Elite. The game was immortalised when playwright D.L. Cockburn introduced to the stage his Pulitzer Prize winning play, "The Gin Game" directed by the legendary Mike Nichols and initially starring the venerable acting couple Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.

Unlike other card games that are considered games of chance, Rummy is considered by United States law enforcement to be a game of skill and is legal throughout the world, an RM Royal spokesman said. On February 23, 1965, a Federal judge in Las Vegas ruled from the bench that Gin Rummy was a skill-based game after listening to the testimony of prominent players and statisticians.

Players new to the website or the game can use the free practice platform at Rummy Royal, and when they feel sufficiently confident to play for real money, the site accepts PayPal and all major credit cards. A matchplay signup bonus maxed at $200 is curently offered.


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Jul 5, 2003
The Boonies
I have been playing this and it's fun!

There are a number of variations to keep it interesting, and like poker, it's easy to learn the basic rules but the more you play the more you figure out intricacies. Watching the people is just as important as in poker.

Lots of fishes in this game as yet!


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Dec 16, 2004
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Years ago Yahoo was thee place to play.
It's still a great place to learn the game.
And it's like Backgammon also.
It's games that came up in the World that you can play for real now.

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