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Hi, I am looking for a reliable casino that offers multi player games. Doesn't matter if it's download or not.

The sands I already know, but i don't like the software and the game layout. I checked out the websites of the others and it looks good.
I want to play multi player because I think I am quit good and I would like to see others play to compare my own performance.
I highly recommend the Bossmedia multiplayer platform. The blackjack game is so realistic, you'll think you're playing in a land based casino. Since I play both on and offline quite a bit, I can truly tell you this software is
my favorite.

Casinos that run it are:

Gold Club, Pharaohs, USA, California, Prestige, Jamaica Bay, and Oriental.

Payouts for all Bossmedia casinos are not handled by the casinos themselves, but rather by Webdollar, a subsidiary of Bossmedia. I've made numerous ecash deposits/withdrawals, and have been very happy to say the least. Toll free cust service is above average. Payouts are received quickly.

And most importantly, games are not rigged to cheat the player.

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