Be Aware Mr Vegas WILL respond regarding PAB complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
As many of you already know Mr Vegas is owned by Videoslots but operates under different rules.

So the question then is "what is the Mr Vegas position regarding complaints?" I finally have a response from them regarding exactly that:

Mr Vegas does not have representatives in the forums, and the current ways to raise a complaint with them would be directly through their support or alternatively through an ADR.

When they say "through an ADR" what they mean is "through a designated ADR" meaning one listed in the casino's Terms. In other words an ADR that they have some form of contract with regarding ADR services provided to the casino. In contrast we are an independent ADR, under contract to no one, providing ADR services to players and casinos freely and without charge.

The best place to find the Mr Vegas statement of their complaints policy is here:

The bottom line is that we can't help you resolve your issues with Mr Vegas because they won't discuss your issue with us.

If you do come to us with a complaint against Mr Vegas I'll simply have to point you here and wish you luck.

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I've just been informed by the Head of Finance and Risk at VS/Mr_Vegas that they WILL receive and respond to complaints that come to us through the PAB service, applicable to both Videoslots and Mr_Vegas. Apparently there was some confusion in the ranks at VS and the info given to us -- as quoted above -- was not correct.

I've further been told that the problems have been corrected and we should be good to go for complaints from both VS and Mr_Vegas. The only official difference is that there has not been and will not be a forum presence for Mr_Vegas.

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