Support Complaint Mr Vegas (Videoslots) Serious Withdrawal Problems!


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Jun 15, 2021
I withdrew on the the 25th/26th of September amounts of $700 and $1000 to my bank account and still have not received the funds nor received any insight as to where my funds are or what's going on. I'm fully verified and never had any problems with withdrawals until recently, however they have never taken this long without clear communication. I have to keep following up with the chat who has told me they are the middleman and they can't tell me much as that's a different department that deals with payments. I'm beyond frustrated and feel like I'm not being heard. The most I've managed to get out of them is it is being investigated by payment provider but that has gone on now since the 4th of October and seems to be taking a ridiculous amount of time as no further progress has been made. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏 @Team.Videoslots
You will have to get the payments team to provide a settlement reference ; and get them to reconfirm your bank and bank account and hopefully it was inputted correctly.

Also check with you bank/branch if they have bounced it

Sadly when these go sideways can be a real pain to trace; but not impossible

Good luck

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