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Aug 26, 2019
So my issue with mr spin.
I thought I’d give this a go as their slots looked totally different.
Deposited a few quid and had a play, although different the slots probably weren’t for me. A little too “Un-volatile” I’d describe them as. The roulette had a nice interface and I enjoyed playing it so I had a go. Won £200 had the money in a couple of hours.
Used this as my main roulette and drew another £470. At this point they wanted a driving licence and a letter. I supplied it and £470 paid. Another £300 later and I have £3000 to withdraw.
On the site only £500 withdrawal is allowed (this is not mentioned in the t and c’s). So I contact CS and they say making 6 x £500 requests would all be paid at once.
So request withdrawal and when it doesnt turn up I call. I am told to provide proof of the card. So I do.
“Congratulations we’ve processed your withdrawal “
Is what I hear. I am only paid £1000.
contact CS and told I need a “selfie” of me holding the driving licence and debit card. I do this.
payment time reset again.
Money doesn’t arrive. I call in again. Only after calling I’m told the images are in reverse (that’s how my phone takes selfies) and I’d need to do again. So I do it. Money doesn’t arrive so the withdrawal clock is reset again.
once again money doesnt arrive and I am told the pictures aren’t clear. I send more and once again am waiting. What a sad excuse of a “casino”.

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