Bonus Complaint Mr Smith Casino - Advice please guys - thanks in advance


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Hi Guys - Just some advice here if anyone can help please, I've attached the email I was asked to send (by live chat) save me typing it all out again, hope no one else has had this experience, I appreciate we are talking 'pennies' but as a small but regular depositor it has really 'rubbed me up the wrong way' and i had to destress via sharing this bad experience. As I'm fairly new to Casino Meister can someone also advise me how to 'thank' respondants - Cheers All!


Dear Sir / Madam

I have to express my serious disappointment regarding my most recent experience at your casino.

The Monday offer which you have been running recently (deposit £10 - Play with £30 (200% bonus)) gives me something as a small depositor to look forward to after the weekend.

Once before, during September I did not get the bonus, visited live chat and was told the promotion had ended, fair enough.

However when I got your e-mail saying the promotion was back, I thought, great but this time I will check the terms and Conditions so not to fall for the same mistake twice.

The terms clearly showed that the promo ran until 26th October and I have received no communications to state otherwise.

So imagine my annoyance when I deposit today and hey presto no bonus again, not good at all.

A visit to live chat again proved one thing, they are not interested and do not care, it seems customer care from Mr Smith is bottom of the list, no offer of anything and no previous information advising me that the promo had been withdrawn, despite T&C clearly stating 26th for the end of the promo.[/U][/I][/B]

I deliberately save my deposit for this promotion as my gaming budget is only a small one, however I do not expect to gain a big win or withdrawal particularly but the great 200% allows me to maybe extend my play time a while, the main reason I play.

Once again live help were polite and heard my point but they did not seem bothered or interested in customer care at all.

I would respectfully request that something is done about this as it's nothing I've done wrong, today I feel I've just been fobbed me off with 'promo withdrawn' which is simply not good enough.I'm a very experienced online casino player across numerous sites and never have I been treated like this in 10 years of playing.

Many thanks in anticipation

Jonathan Mincher


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there is some very very odd things happening atm on mrsmith, casinoeuro, sverigeautomaten and norgesautomaten (same group)

myself got blocked from getting bonuses while ago and heard that they have started to block players for getting bonuses if you have used them too much. i have used them a lot in the past and now all those casinos just informed me that i cant only play with deposit bonuses and that is the reason i wont get any bonuses anymore. there is no t/c on them that says that you cant deposit only with bonus.

also heard that they have started to close players accounts only for reason if you have accounts on all these sites. and they have confirmed earlier that players can have account on all those sites.

i remember when they changed their bonus policy last year and they wrote with BIG LETTERS that their bonus programs will get much much better this year. well, what happened; now you cant get bonuses if you have used them too much and accounts are getting closed. when using bonuses. and remaining bonuses atm are like crap if you compare them to what they had 2 or 3 years ago.

id say that you have to be very careful with these sites atm.

and their emails are like this atm (direct quote): "all our decisions are final and we dont discuss this matter anymore... "



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Finally get a reply, guess Mr smith has seen the last of my hard earnt pennies :p

Hi Jonathan,

My name is Martin and I work as a Team leader for Mr Smith casino.

I received your query regarding our daily offers and have looked further into the information presented to you as a customer.

First of all, it´s unfortunate that the information regarding changes in this promotion did not reach you. Since this was a campaign going on for several weeks and we wanted to be more attractive for our customers, we decided to shorten the campaign period down and instead start looking on other ways to promote ourselves.

This change was updated on site the week before it took effect and a new end date was updated on the site a long time before Monday.

I´m sorry that this information was not clear to you and we will of course look into how to make this more transparent to you as a customer, but unfortunately we cannot compensate you with the reload bonus offer:

According to our terms and conditions:
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Mr Smith Casino reserves the right to change the structure of the bonus program at any time.
I wish you a very good day and please don´t hesitate to get back to me should you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Martin, Team leader
Mr Smith Casino


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My reply to the response from Mr Smith

** Nothing majorly dubious, but just a heads up to proceed with caution, particularly low rollers at Mr smith Casino (previously Harrys)

Hi Martin

Thanks for the reply although somewhat delayed but never mind.

To be honest the response is almost word for word of what I expected it to be.

Just a heads up, i figure I get this treatment as I'm a low roller and only deposit from time to time, not regular and not huge amounts, bet your hi-rollers don't get this response eh ;)

From a customer service point of view a bit of discretion would have been a good idea, maybe to have 'met me halfway' even or even won my trust back with 20-30 free spins, but surprise surprise no effort and basically another 'not interested' response.

I have been testing the water lately regarding a few casinos with regard to customer care and bonuses as I plan to chose a new 'daily' casino as I'm losing account galore due to other casino's pulling out of the UK market due to legislation changes, Its unlikely, in fact very unlikely it will be Mr smith and i am going to recommend the same to others via online forum




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I myself had to find out about this the hard way but at SverigeAutomaten. Let's just say I won't be playing there again anytime soon. It wasn't even that great offers anyway and their normal offers are far worse then other sites in the Betsson-group offers.

Major dissapointed by this and made sure to tell them about it.


Just a heads up, i figure I get this treatment as I'm a low roller and only deposit from time to time, not regular and not huge amounts, bet your hi-rollers don't get this response eh ;)
I would consider myself a fairly "medium - to high roller" in terms of deposits here and the response was exactly the same for myself.

I was offered some 50% deposit offers and cashback offers in an email at the start of the month that stated until the 26th of October on them.

I clicked onto the still active promo showing when I logged in but it took me to an error page so I checked with their customer service and found the same response. Basically the promo was decidedly ended early with no email or anything to confirm.

Completely their choice really, but it would be nice to be informed.


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I deliberately save my deposit for this promotion as my gaming budget is only a small one...
I save my $ for decent bonuses as well.

Personally, I don't think casinos should treat low rollers any differently. Something doesn't seem right about it.
Casinos might disagree. :)

Mr. Smith casino are attracting problems by not honouring the original promo dates.