Mr Slotty games


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Sep 23, 2016
Here, There, Everywhere.
Has anyone had any experience of playing games by Mr Slotty?

I tried a few the other day and I have never come across such garbage in all my life.

Firstly, I played '50 Lines of War' aka "50 Lines of Bore". Got the FS very early on, and they retriggered about 4 times, so all in all about 60 spins. My bet size was $0.50, and I won $4.50. Pathetic.

But of course, I didn't learn my lesson and upped the stake to $2.50, and again had the FS which retriggered twice for 30 spins overall. For the grand total winnings of $1.50. Yup. $1.50. What a win, eh?

I then switched to "Trendy Skulls" at $1.25 a pop. Again, another "BIG WIN' for $8.25 or x6.6 stake. And when I triggered the FS for a very generous 1 spin!!!, I won nothing, time and time again.

So tonight, I played "Jungle Treasure" in Fun mode, just to see if the previous games were merely an aberration. Nope. When I triggered the FS, the game became really excited with a "BIG WIN 4,450!!!" message across the screen. Which would have been great, except my bet size was 3,500, or $35, which meant that my BIG WIN was $45, or x1.28 bet size.

Don't know if I have been unlucky, and just picked their worst games, but on these performances, I won't be playing Mr Slotty ever again. Nothing against the graphics, simply that I came to dread the FS due to their dreadful payouts. The base game for 50 Lines of Bore was admittedly much better than the other two, but I don't play slots to simply win x2/x5/x8 my bet size and then be congratulated on my BIG WIN!!!!!.