Mr. Meister... it's a puzzlement... how'd they get my email address


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Well, this a.m. when checking my e-mail I got this most interesting piece of mail. (Note: I have deleted personal information.... like my real name!!!).

Message refers to a post that I supposedly made here; however, don't believe that I posted anything to this effect. Is this a cleverly devised spam using Casinomeister as a front? Or, is this a Jedi mind trick that is being played on me?

From: Video Poker Classic
To: (I do not give this out on boards..I use an alternate address)

Dear X. XXXXX (this was my first initial and my last name)

Referring to your comments on casinomeister I enclose a link to our casino.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Our casino and customer service is in 13 languages.
Cheques against The Royal Bank of Canada are forwarded to players via DHL courier.

You can play for free or for real money.
We would appreciate your comments on our casino.
thank you in advance for your assistance.
Pieter van sant

Mr. B... do you find this interesting or am I overreacting?



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Dear dalzilla,

If you could, please forward me the entire message to include headers. It seems as though someone is using whatever comments (?) here as a springboard for sending an affiliate link to whomever. I received the same message; I would just like to compare the two. Thanks.



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They are way low, not whale-shit-deep low (like some RTG casinos), but way low. I'm authoring an official complaint today and coming up with a new section: Evil Spammers. Stay tuned for this....



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I received an email from the gaming federation and found out that they have a longlist of casinos with different names but all the games are the same in at each casino, Video Poker, Sizzling slots, Pink something, etc. Also, receive invitation to join the federation and get in on the casino profits. What is a gambling federation and is it on the up and up? I notice lately they have promotions for 1000.00 for big time gamers. Never heard of them until they started promoting Video Poker Classic and that was a spam event. I took them up on their offor to play for free and then played for some cash to find out that they keep a portion of your deposit, I guess for all their partners. Where are all these people coming from with these casinos? Every day it's something new and different. Boy, it's a greed world out there. Does any one have any morals anymore? :confused:


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I have played at VPC close to three times a week for over a year, close to two. Thankfully, I have not had to make a deposit each time I played, but on the occassions that I did deposit I have never had them "keep a portion" of what I deposited. I do recieve weekly comps based on the amount that I deposited with them the week previous. When I have been fortunate enough to win at VPC my funds have either arrived within a week on a US check or the money has been transferred in 4 working days to my FirePay account.

It is so very difficult these days to find a casino that pays without a hassle that I just hate to see negative postings on those that I have found I can trust. So I am speaking up in their behalf.

I have never been spammed by these people. However, a marketing manager who sees an opportunity to sell his product and passes it by for fear of being labeled a spammer is not worth much. I often monitor boards that deal with the industry I work in. I respond to post from people all the time, but have never been accused of spamming. I am not in Marketing, but I can see why they would do it and it's one of the actions that should be expected, if you don't wish to receive emails based on your postings then remove your email from the profile setup.

Just my 2 cents.


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Time, no offence but you say that you are not involved in Marketing at a professional level, and that possibly explains your statement that "However, a marketing manager who sees an opportunity to sell his product and passes it by for fear of being labeled a spammer is not worth much."

I would rather say that an efficient marketing manager knows very well the difference between responding sensibly to posts and overt spamming, and behaves responsibly and with respect for the privacy of others. That's because he or she knows that the adverse effects of spamming and the irritation that it causes far outweigh any vague "shotgun" advantage that might be achieved.

There is also the question of uncontrolled harvesting of email addresses from sites like this. I don't think players should have to worry about protecting their privacy from unscrupulous marketers by removing their email addresses. The onus is rather on the marketers not to use emails without first complying with the much debated ethical considerations of opt-in or opt-out.

Regrettably it seems in this business that far too many so-called marketing managers either don't give a damn or don't know the difference. If we were to accept the latitude you are apparently advocating it would exacerbate this attitude even further in my view.