Mr Green ignoring my emails and withholding my withdrawal?


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Apr 8, 2021
For peoples review -

MGA's response to me stating I wish to make a formal complaint to them regarding failings in their player support department and ECOGRA not being fit for purpose.

Once again the organisation touted as protecting players simply washing their hands and pointing me towards a lengthy and costly legal process....So what is their function again as far as players are concerned?

*Note I have attempted three times now to make a formal complaint to MGA pertaining to this issue...


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Jan 2, 2018
The problem you have is that you've exhausted their process. Clearly the mediator did not find in your favour, and really there is little more for MGA to add.


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Nov 16, 2018
It doesn't really matter what you or I find dubious. Its consumer law. There is no legal grounds to force a player to wager a deposit. As soon as Ive quoted consumer law to certain casinos regarding this they've processed withdrawals. The issue comes when casinos dig their heels in and a player begins legal action. The casino knows most players will just lose patience and play on slots on tables.
Out of interest,,,, how many casinos have you had withdrawal issues with? This reads like a fair few... in which case there may well be something wrong.

I have had withdrawal issues - in my history - with 2 operators only. One caused by a processing issue caused by Santander - resolved and paid by bank transfer within 72 hours. The other from a more dubious casino - who tried to hide behind an incorrect assessment of my bonus play. I sent one email - and the money was paid. (this was a not recommended casino - and I was lucky - life time deposits £50 - withdrawals of over £600. I defo didn't think they were paying the £500 i racked up off a free tenner and had written it off)

If you are having CONSTANT problems - there is clearly something untoward somewhere.