mr bet take my winning gain and left me with nothing


May 31, 2019
hello i had an issue with mr bet
they said im again their terms :Terms and Conditions: 7.14. Moving from a low weighted game (50% wagering contribution or less) to a higher weighted contribution game (70% or more) after large wins for the purpose of clearing wagering requirements.

but here the story....
The 30 may 2019 around 2;00am in the morning at my 1 hours break at my job isaid why not put 35$ in my account with the 30% bonus

It gave me 45.50$ CAD

I played in the casino on mostly blackjack and roulette and a bit of slot machine

I was up to 180$ i down to 100$ then i said i would like to cash back

At that point i was not aware of the wargering bonus money so i ask why i could not withdraw the money to my account

I contact the support team via chat they explained me i need to play 474$ to be available to withdraw any money from

My account

Then i said ok i played some book of dead for about 20 minutes i was at 99$ i won and lost at that point i try to only play

I never thinkg i was about to win 1200$ so i said with my 40$ left im going to play all in at the Lightning roulette

I placed my bet 4$ 1-9 numbers the 7 came out and the lighining hit it for 300X

I won 1200$ at that point i was only thinking spending 474$ to withdraw the rest

I never think i did anything wrong and i understand theres rules but i was not really thinking i did Something wrong

I put a limit per day to play i tried to upgrade it and it did work but in 24h only so i contact the support team again that night to

See if i was able to remove it they said u need to wait 24h and i did i asked to howmuch do i need to spend in the slot machine before

I could withdraw it and they said 174$ so tonight on the 31 may 2019 i did spend the 174 i was left with 976.08$ i did a withdraw and then

I receive an email i did something against the terms sincerly i never think i was doing Something wrong at that point i was playing black jack and roulette because i love it

I do not spend alot of money but it fun for me for 30min-1hours

Now there remove my wining and only gave me 35$ back im a bit upset i would like to get back my wining money