Mothers Day and 3Dice


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Apr 20, 2011
Great Southern Land.
Well I had a wonderful day being spoilt by my two children who came to stay with me for the weekend. My daughter set her alarm at 4;am to make me a cuppa before I had to start my 8 hr shift for the day. I then came back to a nice home made lunch of pita bread topped with spinach, sundried tomatos and fetta pizza along with yellow roses and choccys and a lovely Indian dinner at my favourite restaraunt. Thinking at 11;00 pm how the day had been so amazing and after the kids had turned in for the night for an early exit back to their homes in the morning I decided to pay 3Dice a visit to end the night.. So glad I did . Because this came within the first 15 mins of play. So thank you Ellen and Anna for putting the icing on the cake and making my day just that touch even better.. :) Hope you have a lovely day also. :) happy mothers day 547.84.jpg 172.80 mothers day.jpg