Most ridiculous terms i've ever encountered...


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Jan 13, 2006
For the heck of it I tried Planet23 rival casino with a no deposit bonus.
I noticed that I couldn't increase the size of the bet and had to play every game at 1cent per line.

Naturally, lost the bonus, contacted support and asked why I wasn't able to increase bet to 5cents and up.

The answer was laughable:

Liz: New accounts have a wager limit
me: how long does that apply?
Liz: After continuous play and your player class is changed can it be increased
me: good thing I tried the casino out with no deposit bonus, very strange term and I would not be interested in becoming a vip here, not your fault, thanks anyway,

I thought perhaps it was because of it being a no deposit bonus.

Why would anyone in their right mind deposit money to play where they are unable to up their bet. What a loser casino.

She also asked me when I initially contacted live chat, "what casino are you referring to?, I told her and then asked how many do you own?, her reply was that Live chat serviced most of the Rival casinos." very very interesting!


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Jul 18, 2004
Pacific NW
That's pretty tight on keeping it at .01 a line. I don't play at that Rival.

Most Rivals use a centralized support system. You'll see the same chat names over and over. Only a couple use in house support (Box24, etc.).