more than respectable talent...most of us never had a chance


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Nov 21, 2004
You guys are scary good ....congrats to the winners.sigh*cant wait to some of you next time though.chu chu / ros coe..and kudos to the_province actually played an almost perfect game but..........h ah ah ah h a hah h ah h ah h ah ah h ah h h h ah h h ah h ah h ah h ah ah h h h h h ah h h ah ah h h h hh aaah ah ah ah a hah ah ah ah ahah ah ah aahah h ah ah h ah a.........I mean damn......can say much more than that about that,cept,,cant wait to see you again also.:lolup: #1 cant wait for all the suckers and dead $$ to come running for that $500..and they will. put it everywhere people.

Shawanda has spoken.
Well, I guess that 10post qualifier is kinda useless... :D
But the point: Big Kudos to Piggs Peak Poker...made a withdrawal yesterday at 23.00CET and the withdrawal is already in my Neteller account :thumbsup:

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