More tech problems at 32Red


One more spin
Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
The last 2 or 3 days unable to make a deposit at 32red casino with vanialla master cards. Get message unable to register card. Went to live help and longer wait again get Matt and says there intermittent problem with deposit page. The think is I reply back saying so I cant register? no reply back, no is there anything else? have a good day nothing!!! I thought maybe it could be manual register but I dont know because Im still on chat been 10 min and noting. I don't know the rest of you 32red players but there seems to be alot of tech problems with this group. Oh wait just got reply back say sorry for the inconvenience.......... that's end of chat oh well going to Lucky Nugget your lost 32Red.


Still a Lady
Apr 18, 2009
This will maybe seem stupid but I'm actually glad you had a problem with chat too.
I waited for 10 minutes also and he never came back. I just wished him Merry Christmas and left.

Now I understand that he didn't just forget about me, or ignored me, but there was a technical issue :)