More sportsbetting busts


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Feb 22, 2001

Enforcement authorities have been busy....

Two more sports betting busts were in the newspaper headlines this week, both in the New England region.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a Gloucester County man had admitted taking bets for a multimillion-dollar sports gambling ring that was run by a former state trooper and allegedly involved former Flyers star Rick Tocchet.

James Andrew Ulmer (41) of Swedesboro, pleaded guilty to third-degree charges of conspiracy and promoting gambling. He agreed to fully cooperate with the state in its investigation, potentially turning up the heat on Tocchet.

Prosecutors said that in August this year, former State Trooper James Harney (40) of Mount Laurel, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, promoting gambling and official misconduct. Harney claimed that Tocchet took wagers and cash from bettors and covered losses. When bettors lost, Harney said, Tocchet would be given a "bag of cash" for his share of the profits.

Tocchet (42) of Phoenix, has been charged with promoting gambling, money laundering and conspiracy.

And in Essex County, Masschusetts a reputed underboss of the New England Mafia pleaded not guilty Monday to gambling and extortion charges, reports Associated Press.

Carmen Salvatore DiNunzio, known as "The Big Cheese," was indicted by an Essex County grand jury last week on charges of extortion, maintaining and operating a gaming operation and conspiracy to maintain and operate a gaming operation.

The Essex County District Attorney's office said authorities have been investigating alleged mob-related extortion of bookmakers involving DiNunzio since 2001. The accused faces the Court again on January 22 next year.
Thanks for the update jetset.

This was the case involving huge NFL playoff / Superbowl bets made by Wayne Gretzky's wife, and other sports figures last year.
At the time Wayne was the General Manager / minority owner, of the Phoenix Coyotes. And I think Tocchett was the coach. After this [ non ] scandal occurred Tocchett was forced to resign and Wayne stepped in as the interim coach. He is still in that position with our club.


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