more currencies?


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Jul 9, 2006
any MG or RTG casino (which are accredited ofcourse) pay in other currencies rather than the default 3? (dollars, euros and pounds)

edit: i'm aiming for ILS if youre interested
Piggs (S.A version) deals in Rands but you probably have to be resident in S.A at a guess. Hmmm..actually, not sure about that - aren't internet casinos banned from a players perspective down there? Maybe Chatmaster can verify.
you'll be surprized to find out i know of several internet based israeli casinos, i will find what software are they based on and report later....

in general, gambling is illegal here as far as i know (i live in this country and dont know for sure yet), but very few online casinos really care where you are from, i mean, its more money for them, so why not :D
Your best bet is with 32Red. Just signup for an EcoCard ( I'm not sure which other casinos use it, you may want to check around.

You may choose to deposit in other currencies as well – Euro, British Pounds, Swiss Franks, Israeli New Shekels, Danish Crones and other. Check the "Money Deposits" section for the list of currencies accepted by each payment method.
thank you for that, but it seems that the only online bank suited for me is neteller, but i cant use it either because the morons in the support panel didnt help me after 40 live chat calls and 10 long distance!!!! phonecalls

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