More Canadian poker raids


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Feb 22, 2001

Canadian cops reinforce their warning on unlicensed organised poker games once again

The reports major police raids over the past several weeks on alleged illegal gambling houses in the Mississauga region of Canada which have netted seven people charged with running illegal gaming houses and as many as 80 players having their names recorded, although none are being charged.

Members of the Illegal Gambling Unit, in co-operation with the Peel regional police, executed search warrants on four Mississauga businesses in the raids, which were ordered following an investigation earlier this year. A total of four locations were raided, according to police spokesman Det. Staff Sgt. Clint Hunter.

Hunter said the investigation confirmed that four gaming houses were inviting the public to attend to play Texas Hold 'em and other games of poker, with people charging fees for the activity.

The warrants were executed at Topflight Poker Club, 125 Topflight Dr.; Pockets at 6160 Netherhart Rd., Unit No. 10; No Limit Club at 5500 Tomken Rd., Unit 8; and Hollywood, at 2408 Haines Rd., Unit 5.

Police decided not to charge the players, who were released unconditionally.

For the operators of the establishments, who profited from the activity, it was a different story and criminal charges of running illegal gambling establishments have been laid.

The Illegal Gambling Unit is part of the Organised Crime Section - a specialised police unit and partnership between police services in Toronto, London, Peel, York, Windsor and Ottawa. The unit is responsible for investigating province-wide illegal gambling operations.

Police say millions of dollars are made from these operations and often the proceeds can wind up with organised crime.

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