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Apr 15, 2003
Ive been reading this forum and have noticed that Fortune Lounge has been sending out bad cheques. As I had just recieved a couple cheques from them and depsoited them at my bank this made me a little worried. It had been 3 weeks or so since I had depsoited the cheques so I thought I was in the clear. All of the sudden I recieved my bank statement showing 2 bounced cheques, suprise surprise from the casinos Vegas Palms and Royal Vegas. This was after I had gone through their excrusiating security requirements sending all information about myself short of my blood type and thinking all was well with my accounts. Recieving the information that these cheques were bounced is mind boggling as I jumped through every hoop they set up for me. Casinomeister I beg of your help as I see you have resolved the same issues with FL before. WTF is their problem anyways, bouncing cheques is such dispicable casino behavoir, not even any RTG I've played has done such a thing!!
Hi Whitteyford,

If you could pass on to me your account number, I'll try and find out what's going on. I'm sure there is a good explanation for this.
Nevermind. I just came across your "Pitch a Bitch" with all of the information I need. Thanks!
This just in:

Hi Bryan

Shortly after the player cashed in, another player registered an account that shared the same identifiers as his account and we requested him to send us verification documents. As the checks had already been issued at this time, we put a hold on the checks as part of our normal procedure.

After receiving the verification documents, we released the hold on the checks but he had already tried to cash them by that time. As a result of his request we have now processed the cash in to his Neteller account. He will notice the credit in his Neteller account by Friday

If we received the verification documents before he cashed the checks the hold would have been lifted in time.

I apologise for the inconvenience but we have an obligation towards the casinos to ensure they do not lose money with fraudulent cash-ins and therefore our processes in this regard are somewhat more strict.

The player will find $10 in each of his Vegas Palms and Royal Vegas accounts with our compliments.

Fortune Lounge
You have done a wonderfully fast and thorough job of mediating and resolving this situation and to that I say thank you. The thing that disturbs me about this situation is that FL made no effort to inform me that they were going to place stop payments on my cheques so I could have at least not have spent the money only to have it removed from my account at a later date. Thus there response to the situation is somewhat unsettling as they seem to manage their casinos with a certain arrogance and disrespect for their players. I only hope that bringing this issue to light will teach their security department to not jump to such extreme measures so fast and to actually contact the player to absolve the situation without doing something that is the equivalent to a cashback for a player. I once again though must thank you Bryan for your help and will keep you posted as to whether or not I recieve the payments to my neteller account on Friday.

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