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Has anyone found this slot is now very hard to get free spins on?

When it was first released I had some killer hits but for the last month or so its exceedingly hard to get the trinity feature let alone the free spins. The payouts in the regular game are very ordinary so my bankroll drops very quckly without the feature.


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The payouts in the regular game are very ordinary so my bankroll drops very quckly without the feature.
I have commented on this game in the Winner Screenshots thread...

The first time I played it it seemed very tight at first, but then I had a lucky big win: "only" bet x99 - but on a £5 spin, so I won £495.
(I always play this type of PnG game on £2 spins, occasionally going up to the next level (£5 or £10) for a spin or 2...)

But after that, when I played it again I lost a FORTUNE! :eek: It is one of the most brutal and tight slots I have ever played - spin after spin after spin of £0 or wins which are just a small fraction of your bet... :(

I vowed to never play it again, but eventually I relented and tried again. I finally got a bet x129 win on a £5 bet - but only after losing another small fortune on it first.
I managed to stay away from it for a couple of weeks now - and I suggest others avoid it too unless they want to take a huge risk with their cash.
I like the look, sounds and general play of the game - but the payouts SUCK!
As a big fan of the other similar PnG slots, this one is a big disappointment.



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I played it when it first came out and had instant success
Free games were killer
$10 bet - Free games x840
$20 bet - Free games x305 and x290
$40 bet - Free games x 430

My general bet range is $5-$10 per spin and since that hot streak it's been frozen solid.

I love the game but it's such a tease.


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Look at that, a difference of opinion from the 'kings'.

I'm 'king staying out of it :eek::eek:


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This is the most addictive but downright frustrating and tilting games ever invented.

- Storm uselessly knocking any possibility of symbols connecting, on a hopeless playfield with little to no princesses. Total joke of a bitch character.

- Star happily whacking the wild in a crap place where it does bugger all.

- Love conjuring up a load of dodgy symbols that don't do anything.

- Trinity dropping no winning symbols on the initial spin then Love ruining it... again

That said, as someone once wrote, "all you need is Love" - anyone taking the other features is a fool as the big wins do come from Love. And despite the frequent let downs, her game modifier is the best too.


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A great game in my opinion!

Massive potential in the bonus feature (pick love) and it is over all fun to play as well imo.


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Yeah the love feature is the only decent one but unless you get a decent multiplier from the Trinity feature its hard to make inroads.

I think its crap that it caps out at 20 free games x 20. Its hard enough to get there so if you make it to that point it should just keep going.