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Just for interest...and a trip to Vegas in the future perhaps!

Press Release Source: Moon Resort and Casino

10,000-Room, $5 Billion Luxury Mega Resort Casino Unveiled in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS Oct. 17, 2002

Michael R. Henderson today unveiled his concept for a 250-acre Mega Resort complex called "Moon". The concept is designed to be a 10,000-room, five-star, five-diamond luxury resort like nothing else on planet earth.
"Moon", the largest and most expensive Casino Resort ever contemplated, is envisaged as being a technological and environmental masterpiece that will transport guests to the earth's closest celestial partner.

Henderson assembled a talented team of professionals and spent the last five years bringing his dream to life. Moon Resort and Casino will be an escape into the future with hundreds of attractions including a giant lunar-themed aquatic center, exclusive shopping complex, terrestrial biosphere, moon buggy rides, and its own International Space Station.

Nestled between the hotel's dramatic wings is the centerpiece of the Resort, the Moon itself, towering over 350 feet and housing the world's largest casino.

"Wherever a world class global developer decides to build "Moon", it will instantly become the destination everyone who travels simply has to see," said Michael R. Henderson, the Irish born, Canadian creator of Moon.


Moon Resort and Casino
Michael R. Henderson, 604/762-1962
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Source: Moon Resort and Casino


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And now we have the dark side of the Moon! Report today from the Las Vegas Sun on this multi-billion dollar project...

LAS VEGAS October 17, 2002

A Canadian entrepreneur who co-founded a chain of eye surgery clinics is in Las Vegas today to promote a concept for a $5 billion casino resort called "Moon."

Michael Henderson, co-founder of Vancouver-based Lasik Vision Corp., aims to build a 10,000-room, 250-acre megaresort in Las Vegas that would feature a lunar-themed aquatic center, a shopping complex, a "terrestrial biosphere," moon buggy rides and its own "International Space Station" attraction.

Henderson intends to raise money to finance his concept and doesn't yet have a potential site under contract.

He is controversial in Canada, where he sued his former employer for wrongful dismissal and medical negligence for surgery performed on his own eyes. He was also sued by his business partner and Lasik co-founder over allegedly mishandled stock transactions.

Observers are skeptical. Financing is difficult, land is scarce and the project is twice the cost of Steve Wynn's Le Reve, a planned casino resort that would be the most expensive ever built in Las Vegas.

"There are huge challenges in putting together that much capital for a single project,"said Jay Kornmayer, a national gaming lending expert and chairman of Wells Fargo Bank Nevada. "I don't know if I understand the correlation (between) what he's spending and what he hopes to make -- and I think the investment community is going to come to the same conclusion."

But the scale and creativity of the project may be able to attract more capital to Las Vegas, however, said David Atwell, a local hotel and casino broker.

"Big-thinking, creative entrepreneurs are what keeps Vegas so dynamic," he said.