Moon Games - Advice Needed


Jul 29, 2018
South west
Hello All,

My name is Scott and I am new to the site after years of lurking :)

I do however start my Casinomeister journey with a plea for advice!

So last night I opened a Moon Games account (ofc using all my legitimate information), and proceeded to play for a few hours and end up requesting a withdrawal of 2.3k from my deposit of 300. Great times I thought!

However, this morning I have had an email from them stating that I had opened a duplicate account on this site or a sister site and my other account was self excluded (from years ago) and so they would not be honouring my withdrawal and only be returning my deposit.

I have them a ring and they will not budge on the matter. Just wondering where I stand on this and if it is worth me taking this complaint further and how to do that? As surely if I lost they would have kept the money? Is it their fault for not identifying it on registration?

Your help is much appreciated!

All the best,