Montezuma, or a cheap copy lol


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More of an information only thread for die hard Monty fans........

Maybe I missed a thread on this, hope not :oops: :oops:

Just been to my local Ladbrokes for a flying visit and had a quick look at their poisonous FOBT's see if any new games had been added.

I do have the odd £10er on these wonderful creations now and then but not OTT as chances online are far better etc etc!

They have WMS's Montezuma now, examining before I played...

* Stakes of 20p, 50p, £1, £2 and the Lovely Hi-Roller £20 and £30 'Mega Spins' options

* Only 10 Win lines NOT 30 :(

* 3 Scatters needed to re-trigger instead of 2

* Multiplier does not 'lock' if you re-trigger and no pay for 3,4 or 5 scatters

Before I started I thought, hmmm 10 x £1, 20 x 0.50p or 50 x 0.20p ???

Opting for my usual 'scared' low rollin' nonsense I chose the 0.20p bets, sods law 2nd spin BONUS triggers :(

and re-triggers

and re-triggers again

and re-triggers with 4 scatters

and re-triggers again

and pays me a poxy £19.

I will stick to the online version thank Laddies (and any other bookies for that matter :p)


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I'd imagine most punters don't spend hours grinding slots in their local bookies to meet any wagering reqs. Most would likely go for for the quick, big bets much like the roulette terminals.

So it figures that Montezuma has been nerfed to within an inch of its life. It doesn't even sound anywhere near like the original!


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Played Wizard Of Oz on a machine last year.
Only 25 lines and a long spin on the 5th reel if you have first 2 bonus symbols.
Didnt like it.
Like over the rainbow though, had some 60 and 70 quid wins on the bonus on that on 20p play