Software Complaint Montezuma feature stuck and no solution offered


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Oct 17, 2011
Unfortunately I have a disappointing situation involving Storspiller(Kindred group), WMS/SG Gaming and Montezuma.

I played Montezuma on the 31st of august and a few spins into the feature it retriggers and the game suddenly hangs. I thought nothing of it at the time as things like this can happen with any game from any provider, but when I returned the next day the game still had the same problem so I contacted support at the casino to get help.

Unfortunately I don’t have video of the event as it happened but I do have video from the day after which shows the problem so I sent them that and explained the situation.

They have not been able or willing to resolve the problem, their main concern has been whether the game is now working again.... Which it is but that’s irrelevant.
They don’t seem to grasp the severity of the problem itself and that I am not satisfied with their non answers and poor “compensation”. I went back and forth with them for over three weeks via email to no avail.
In the end all they gave me was 500 NOK(about 50 euros) as “compensation” while hiding behind the ridiculous “malfunctions void all pay”. Laughable so no solution just a little bit of money and they apparently expected me to find this acceptable which I don’t.

I don’t think I'm being unreasonable here, I want to complete the feature that I won or at the very least get the logs of the spins of the feature that I didn't get to complete and then get paid. As a compromise if they are unable to recover the feature or get me the logs I suggested they pay me the maximum possible I could have won in the feature as that would remove all variance/luck from the equation. They did not accept that.

So unless Storspiller/Kindred is lying It really does seem like WMS/SG Gaming have no way to recover or resolve stuck gamerounds, i honestly find this hard to believe.
In my view there has to be systems in place to prevent and resolve situations like this and I actually thought there were as I have never encountered anything quite like this before in my ten years of playing online slots.
I have had gamerounds stuck on other slots from different providers before but they have all been resolved and I have always been able to see the results and get paid.

If I as a player can’t trust the games then I obviously cannot play them. And when there are no real solutions to problems when they do arise it becomes completely unacceptable.

I have also contacted MGA and eCOGRA to get their take on the situation, I will update if i ever hear back from them.

If Kindred or WMS/SG Gaming wish to add anything here they are free to do so.

-Vote with your wallet-
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It is very annoying, hard to understand why it didn't or couldn't play out properly on the reload, I think 150-200x would be a fairer compensation/goodwill settlement for all the disappointment and inconvenience. Monty can do 300, 500 or a 1000x so without providing further proof they're deciding you didn't get one of those. I'd be all for a healthy compromise.

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