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Monte Casino


Dormant account
Have you heard anything good or bad about Monte Casino? Please let me know. Thanks :kiss: }}}}


RIP Brian
B3W software and reputedly owned by Dolce Vita International out of Mahe in the Seychelles.

Can't recall hearing anything bad about them but recommend you do a search on that software - I seem to recall some adverse comment on it last year either here or at WOL.


Banned User - dodgy back stabber

They are using the same software as Yatching casino, a number of these new casino's have been released in the last month or so. The later being Monte Casino .

I believe that Bryan was contacted last year from a player about Yatching Casino. The matter was cleared up & the player was paid ASAP.

As all these casino's have simular site's I would assume they are all handled by the same support team, if not same company.

As for game fairness, I've have heard nothing but good comments about their software.




Dormant account
Thanks for the info you guys. I had signed up for them and got the $10 freebie. I played and wagered it 25x's which was the requirement and cashed out $50 which was max on the free money. It has been showing processing for the last few weeks and I was wondering if I was going to get ripped off or not. I have sent emails to them, but no reply as of yet. I don't see a phone number or I would call. Hopefully all is well and I will get some kind of reply from them soon. Thanks again. :kiss: }}