Montana can work when Casino are wrong


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Mar 1, 2006
Montana does work!

In 2004 Our son played an account with a HORRIBLE casino. When we realized what was going on we immediately contacted them and told them to close the account. The casino chose to ignore my plea and next thing you know we are out over 16,250.00. They informed us they never received our information due to the fact they werent able to receive emails from AOL. (yeah right). They also said we only called them one time ( we have our phone bill that shows 18 phone calls to them! (This is the synopsis).

Our son has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is a Computer Wiz. After we finally cancelled all our banking accounts, credit cards yada yada yada.I was told by this casino that they would look into it and they would reach some settlement.

Can you guess?

Want to guess who the Casino is?

Understand we paid every casino bill out there. Luckily, there were only 3. Two were tiny, and our bank caught on immediately. But, this one, 1000 s at a time. Sometimes several 1000s in a few minutes.

Anyway, Brian suggested I go to Montana to get information like the IP addresses. Montana was able to get me the information I needed within weeks. The casino kept sending me garbage. Never giving me the specifics I asked for. They sent me my transaction history which turned out to be a godsend. This proved my case. When the Casino wouldnt help. Montana was there! I dont know if Montana will be able to do anymore for us, but without them I never would be able to pursue this matter. Montana is doing this for me now and its 2 years later!::thumbsup:

The reason I can't state the Casino is because we signed an agreement with some of the parties. But you can guess which would be fun for me:lolup: And a great slap in the face for them:p

Oh, Horrible Casino by the way if you couldnt contact me by AOL why is it I still get your SPAM mail daily?

Heres the hint for the Casino

1st Word 7 letters

2nd Word 6 letters
Nope not that casino

Maybe I should clarify the Casino as 3 words

- - - - - - - - - - - - - Casino

You guys are smart! Should be Roqued

Oh and one other thing... Montana found 2 IP addresses. One being on the other side of the country:eek2: Hmmm, Maybe my child was telepathic too!

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