ATTN: Casino Rep Monopoly Live - What is this game really?


Hearthstone Addict
Mar 25, 2012
I have to say this game is utterly tedious. It's the equivalent of watching Rochdale vs Darlington on a cold wet Monday night in January while playing St*rb*rst on your phone with a dodgy 4g connection.

The game is fine IMO. The overall variance profile probably isn't a million miles off your average medium variance slot, it's just that the rate of play is massively slower.

I find that quite a nice combo is £50 for Monopoly Live, and £50 for Tombola - playing Monopoly Live with £2 worth of bets per round (covering '2', and both rolls), and 50p per play at Tombola. With the slow rate of play on Monopoly Live, and the 98.5% RTP + low variance at Tombola - that's some decent playtime all but guaranteed, whilst still having the chance to hit some decent wins.

Makes more sense to me than being a ranty man shouting at the clouds, which is what fishing for wins on a lot of psycho variance profile slots can be like these days. I mean, I could go and play WWTBAM, wait hundreds of spins for a feature, and then lose it on an 89% ask the audience trying to get to 10 spins......