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Mar 17, 2003
Did anyone experience this before and if you did, could you tell me how to actually overcome this problem?

The problem I'm having is actually MoneyBookers has a limit of 1000 per 90 days and could only increase to 2500 after you make a bank transfer to their bank (upload funds) using your account and etc.

My problem is that there is no such facility over in my country. A Wire Transfer is a Wire Transfer. They do not make any special Account Transfer or anything like that.

If you look closely at what MoneyBookers said, they do not allow Third Party transfer and etc. It needs to come directly from your Bank Account and from your name. So, I am totally not sure what am I to really do to get the money to my side.

This is kinda unfair considering the fact that I am actually having more than 2000 in my MoneyBookers account. Am I going to be stuck with having to withdraw this over a period of 180 days? This is a BIG problem for me as I seriously need the money already.

Could anyone please advice on what to do? How do I get in contact with MoneyBookers? I don't mind spending a few bucks calling them, their phone just doesn't work!!!! Damn it... I'm seriously FRUSTRATED!!! Can anyone help, PLEASE???

Verify your bank account...Only takes few days...
That will increase your limits...
After verifying, it should be something like this...
"Your outgoing transaction limit: Remaining:
EUR 16000.00 / last 90 days EUR XXXX.XX "

Should be able to withdraw your entire balance after that...

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