MoneyBookers Cheat!


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Feb 10, 2003
MoneyBookers Cheat!

I don't believe this will be happen, but I have to accept it.

I send them money via my account (Wire Transfer) to them on 06 July. Until 18 July my account gets nothing. I was mail them few times with my wire transfer details. Finally I got reply from them with bad news. They never received any money from the info I provide such date, amount, bank details…

I scan my bank official receipt to them, they said will process to account department for review. After few days not got any news, I was mail them again and they told me they had locate my sending money and they will let me know once my fund was upload. This made me confuse, they had locate my money why not upload immediately? Another few days get no news also not upload; I mail them again…No reply…; Mail again, no reply…Call them and the phone was always go to voice box and I never get reply from them. Now was almost one month, I think my money was gone…

Anybody face the same problem?

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