Moneybookers and Inetbet

Mar 13, 2008
Not really a complaint, but I thought I would share this with the forum.

I just received my first withdrawal from Inetbet to my Moneybookers' acct. The email notification I received was from "Internet Gaming Services S.A". Now I am in Canada, and when I opened my moneybookers' acct it asked if I was going to use it for gambling and I answered yes, but I don't know if this might concern anyone using Moneybookers that is from somewhere that does not allow gambling.

Non of my other withdrawals to Moneybookers have been so obviously gambling related.
MB will be able to trace most transactions and determine if they are gambling-related anyway so dont worry about it Jazzie. If they decide to suspend these activities for any accounts they can easily do so.

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