Money Cart 2 Slot- Relax Gaming - Review


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Nov 16, 2018
So I have been giving this a whirl - strictly on my 10p min stake limits though.

I like - Money Train 2 features without waiting six years!

For those who don't know, its Money Train 2, with no base wins - spins are bonus symbols only - and when three land a bonus.

It plays the same, but dumbed down in that the bonus feature values are ten times lower than an equivalent feature on Money Train 2.

So plenty of features, paying between 5x and (so far) 50x. About 300 spins so far and down 20x.

Its also 98% RTP - so that very good for value for money.

One gripe - and if Relax are watching, all I can say is really????????

You know if three bonus symbols are landing, cos if you getting the feature, the first symbol to land makes a noise!

I thought we were past this poor poor give away mechanism in online slotting.

Still a good game IMO, 7.5/10


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Jun 6, 2013
RJVille UK
I see VS removing this slot too. They did add it today. But I reckon they will soon remove it because it has an RTP of 98%.


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Dec 27, 2019
Have to give it to Relax gaming for their RTPs, especially when other providers and operators are lowering as much as they can.
When you play their games,you will find nothing different from other games provider.
All like shit, or even worse than those lower RTP games providers.