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Dormant account
Aug 12, 2005
I deposited $25 and get $25 bonus. I wagered 608 and tried to make a withdrawal, but was told I didn't meet the WR.

this is the terms on its homepage.

In the interest of fair gaming you must wager at least (12) twelve times your bonus and deposit before making any cash outs for $ and . In the interest of fair gaming you must wager at least (18) eighteen times your bonus and deposit before making any cash outs for . If you withdraw before having reached the minimum wagering requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void.

this is the email reply from monaco gold casino
After reviewing your account, it was noted that you received a bonus for which you were required to wager your deposit and bonus 18 time. Addition, bets placed on the games of baccarat, craps, roulette , blackjack and sicbo does not count.

Thus far, you have wagered $608.00 of the $900. As a result, you will need to wager $292 more in allowed games to complete the wagering at this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your continued interest and understanding in that regard.

I read many posts here and know that we should be careful of PT casinos. I have played Golden Palace Group and have had a very good experience. Since Monaco has been marketing very aggressively, I want to test my luck there. I am no happy now.
This is part of the Joyland Group, nothing good here to tell you. They seem to make all their own rules. I would stay clear of this group. If you want to play Playtech there are a few on the accredited page of this site or stay with GP if you have had good experiences.:thumbsup:
Betting88: I would consider myself very lucky that they are agreeable with your continued play to meet the WR. I would playout the $292 on allowed games, cashout, then take the money and run far and fast............never to look back.
Why should the player play out any alleged remaining WR if the deposit was in $ and not ?? :what:

The 18 WR is only effect if the player plays in , and the player's first sentence in the post was that the deposit was for $25.

Screw playing it out, make any casino (not just a Playtech one) adhere to their T&C. :thumbsup:
No live chat cs responsed me.

got a message from MGC.

Thank you for choosing Monaco Gold Casino. This is Lancelot from the Support Team.

A pleasant good day to you! I would like to confirm receipt of your most recent mail. Please be advised that indeed you are required to wager the bonus and deposit amount 12 times to fulfill the minimum wagering requirements. Upon reviewing your account, I do see and would like to confirm that you have met the wagering requirements for the bonus. Do have a great day!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Monaco Gold Casino Support Team. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

but I still can't make the withdrawal. I have the patience to wait until it's resovled.
Oh my

I always thought that Monaco was a good, solid and honest operation...

Tomorrow I am opening an account and I am going to funded....

If they are really from the same corp. of Joyland and CD poker and screw at least a bit with me, I will give you guys some things to talk about.

I had a very very awful experience with CD poker recently.

Some years ago I opened an account with Monaco, never funded it, but their operation seemed good.

It really makes me sad how Playtech is doing things. Their softare is strong but the companies operating their sites are really bad.

As a matter of fact, I send a formal complain to the playtech site through the meisters link on CD poker and never got an answer.

I once made a complain to ecogra about another casino.. and their answer was lame...

For me.. if its playtech and you want your money to be safe go to:,,, or

I am really dissapointed at Monaco... my bad, I thought they were good guys...
Stay clear of monaco gold casino!!!!!! They will steal your winnings!! I Deposited 40 and received 40 bonus. I played till the bonus requirements were met, then tried to withdraw my money and they kept cancelling it without giving me an explanation. So instead they took my winnings (670) and haven't given me an explanation. This was 2-3 months ago and i have connected playtech about this but they're just as worse as MGC.

This was an email that they sent me when they stole my winnings:

Dear Daniel Perez,

You had recently requested a cash-out on the total amount of 710.00 after
participating in a promotion and receiving a Bonus.

Please note that you did not comply to our promotion bonus policy, either not
wagering at least the minimum required in total bets or wagering the bonus on
certain bet types in Baccarat, Roulette or Craps. We have therefore credited
your cashin back to your casino account.

For further information regarding this promotion bonus policy please visit our
web site's general terms and condition page at <termsofuseurl> or the specific
promotion's terms and conditions.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note, that Monaco Gold Casino will never ask from you to disclose your
password. In the event that you receive a phone call or an email from a third
party requesting your password and/or username, please do not provide it and
contact us immediately

What a load of Bull shit!!
Anyway recently i've tried to withdraw my money that i deposited which was 40, and still haven't received it. I don't want to continue playing at some dodgy online casino. But they think they can tempt me into playing again by sending me this email:

Hello Daniel!

Seized your opportunities to win even more and continue withdrawing and playing
at the same time!!!

If you decide to cancel part of your withdrawals, I can assure you $300 FREE
cash for every $1,000 that you cancel.

Up to $1,500 per day. That's $300 more chances to win BIG!

To do this, please contact our online team before you start playing by clicking
the support icon at the lobby.
They will be more than happy to help!

If you have a pending withdrawal up to $499 you can receive 30% bonus up to $150
a day for canceling it!

If you see the pending withdrawals on your screen, you can cancel the amount you
wish and then request it again with the remaining amount. Please note that I
strongly advise you to cancel a withdrawal, instead of depositing, as it is a
cost effective way for you to continue playing and withdrawing at the same time.

Plus, you will have more opportunities to hit the Jackpot!

If you cancel a withdrawal and receive a compensation bonus for it, you will
only have to wager the bonus. You won't have to wager the withdrawal again. This
offer does not apply to future withdrawals.

Kindly Note that this offer is valid for the next 24 Hours .

Please dont hesitate to contact me if you require any assistance!


Erica Springfield
Monaco Gold Casino


I hope someday i will receive my 40 pounds and i hope this information has been useful.
I know it's a trick. Tell u that you haven't meet the WR and cheat you to keep playing, then losing all.

MGC terms: Games that don't count for the minimum wagering requirements are Blackjack (all sorts of Blackjack), Roulette (all sorts of Roulette), Baccarat (all sorts of Baccarat), Jacks or Better (all sorts of Jacks or Better), Craps or Sic Bo (all sorts of Sic Bo).

Of course you can play baccarat with bonus.
atherm said:
i've had good experiences with MG. Use their live online support. They'll fix it quick

You've had good experiences with MG? Have you ever successfully withdraw money from your account? as for the live online support. Whenever you have an enquiry about how to play a game and so on.... they are more than happy to help. But if you ask them about money and why they have stolen your winnings, no one will reply.
betting88 said:
I know it's a trick. Tell u that you haven't meet the WR and cheat you to keep playing, then losing all.

MGC terms: Games that don't count for the minimum wagering requirements are Blackjack (all sorts of Blackjack), Roulette (all sorts of Roulette), Baccarat (all sorts of Baccarat), Jacks or Better (all sorts of Jacks or Better), Craps or Sic Bo (all sorts of Sic Bo).

Of course you can play baccarat with bonus.

those T&Cs are a joke! I remember when i got an email stating that. i wish i didn't delete it now and posted it on here.

Does anyone know where playtech HQ is located?
El nino: Can you give us a step-by-step playthrough of what you did?

What games you played, how much you wagered, etc. Perhaps you played a "prohibited" game?

So, is the concensus that Monaco Gold is not a good casino to play? The $800 bonus looks like it has good terms, but I'm unsure now.
I joined MGC because what interested me was their live roulette. So I joined and deposited 40. I Then received a 40 bonus which at the time thought was very generous. Before I could withdraw any winnings I would have to wager 800 (20 x 40 = 800 ) So I started playing live roulette and live blackjack and was slowly winning money. With Blackjack, I wasn't winning enough money so I just stuck with roulette. One glorious day, when I was already 120 up, I got very lucky because I always bet large amounts of money on zero and 21 and they both came up, one after another. This took my total to over 700. I continued playing for a bit and then decided to check if I had met the bonus requirements on my betting history. I had clearly met the bonus requirement, so I decided to withdraw my money ( 710.50 ).

They kept cancelling my request but were not notifying me why they were doing this. I sent several e-mails asking for an explanation and eventually they sent one back which I posted early. when I checked my account on MGC, 670.50 was missing and I checked my transaction history and its stated, my request had been declined. But where on earth did my winnings go? This happened 3 months ago. no one from MGC has given me an explanation about this. I am now trying to withdraw my deposit but this is proving to be difficult. I've PAB to casinomeister but that has proved a waste of time because Ive not heard from him. also playtech never reply, part from the time I sent them an abusive email. Apparently playtech are based in Cyprus and Im going to pay Iris a personal visit. MGC are based in Antigua which would cost to much for me to visit them.

On the live games, you are able to chat with other players. but they have blocked me from doing that because they know Ive been trying to warn people from playing with them. They are a dishonest company who only steal money from you. I would like to heard from someone that has been able to withdraw their winnings, but something tells me that this is impossible.

please don't waste any time or money with them. I wished I found this forum before I found MGC. I hope this information has been useful to you. If you have any more question, please ask.
el nino
From your previous post i cant see that you actually have met the wagering requirements.
If all you have played is blackjack and roulette you havent.
The terms clearly state that all versions of these dont count.
Yes, but it also states that all games don't count. So what on earth are you suppose to play on. I will try to get a copy of that T&C's e-mail and post it on this thread. Then everyone can see what a big joke they are.
Wait a minute, you knew about these terms:

MGC terms: Games that don't count for the minimum wagering requirements are Blackjack (all sorts of Blackjack), Roulette (all sorts of Roulette), Baccarat (all sorts of Baccarat), Jacks or Better (all sorts of Jacks or Better), Craps or Sic Bo (all sorts of Sic Bo).

Yet you still played blackjack and roulette?? :what: And this isn't even a case where you played those games to build up your bankroll and then play accepted games ... you played only excluded games and then tried to withdraw.

You could have played War, or even slot machines.

But if you knew about the restricted games, and played on them anyway, you have no leg to stand on and no sympathy from me. Yes, MGC should have responded the first time you asked them why the withdrawal was denied ... but that's the only thing they should have done.
I read those Terms AFTER i played and won. I should of made that clear. I'm no retard, Far from it. I got an e-mail telling me those were the T&C's. Its a clever trick, but a dirty one.

I take it you work for them.:D
Anyway, I don't want your sympathy, i want my money.:D
Only A dodgy casino has 2% of their games available for minimum wagering requirements. Why are earth would you do that?

I've requested an e-mail from them explaining the T&C's for minimum wagering requirements. I wish i hadn't deleted the one i received 2 months ago, because If i remember correctly, it had slot machine games too.:eek2:
Bad policies

Casinos should be clear

Not counting for wager requirements ------> I do not understand from this that you can NOT play those games. Only that they won't count.

Lets say black jack doesn't count. I can play Black Jack with my bonus and bring my balance to $2000, however I have not met the requirement since I have $0 wagered on valid games. Then I go to 3 Card a make the requirement. I don't see why they will void my winnings.. I made my rollover as they told me.

Forbidden Games -----> I understand that if you play these games they will void your winnings...

Totaly different terms. Casinos managers should know this, very different one from the other and you can have a lot of unsatisfied customers because of this.
el nino said:
I read those Terms AFTER i played and won. I should of made that clear. I'm no retard, Far from it. I got an e-mail telling me those were the T&C's. Its a clever trick, but a dirty one.

I take it you work for them.:D

Well, then you should have read those Terms BEFORE you played, huh?

And I'm not even going to dignify that last sentence with a comment. :rolleyes:
I totally agree with you. But I believe this casino is out to trick people. In an old thread, ( I think its Monaco gold casino sucks thread ) someone said that In the MGC T&C's, if someone wins an amount that exceed the amount deposited then they have the right to void those winnings. Cheeky. :eek2:

( i also read that thread after they stole my winnings Macgyver ):D

Isn't much fun is it? when they limit you to few games to win money on. :xxx

Anyway, Don't worry people, they maybe laughing now but Karma will come. :thumbsup:
Just following up on this. I did forward El Nino's PAB to MG. This is their response:

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for contacting me regarding this player's comments about his withdrawal.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist with his complaint. I have not received any prior emails from this player so this is the first notification that I have received. Additionally, I have personally reviewed his account and investigated this issue.

Allow me to explain. This player deposited and received a 100% match bonus. In the interest of fair gaming there is a wager requirement when receiving bonuses. This wager requirement it clearly stated in the terms and conditions that all players are required to read and agree. Our bonuses are cashable so please note that these policies have been set to safeguard the interest of the casino which in turn safeguards the players.

The player did not meet these requirements before he attempted to withdraw. He notified support of his disappointment and there was a special arrangement to refund his entire deposit to him. However, the player did not deposit with a method that is capable of refunding but we would be more than happy to send him his refund in a bank draft. He has been notified on several occasions regarding this arrangement. In order to mail him a bank draft the security department is awaiting documents that could simply be scanned and emailed in an attachment.

Here at Monaco Gold Casino, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Every player's suggestions and comments are document and treated by specialists trained to handle cases such as these.

As with all of our players, we want this player to be fully satisfied with our service. I am certain he will be once a representative is able to reach him at the phone number he registered in his account.

If there are any further questions or comments please don't hesitate to email me directly.

Questions for el nino: have you provided the casino with these documents? Have you afforded them a phone number where you can be reached at?

You also need to PAB your Bellerock complaint. Thanks!
I dont often find myself on the side of a casino, but from this thread i think they have acted very professionally.
They corrected the wagering for the original poster.
The next poster didnt adhere to the T&Cs so is in the wrong and the casino in my opinion has been quite tolerent.

So i think i might take them up on one of there sign up bonuses myself!:D


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