Monaco Gold Casino Void on my winnings - is this allowed?


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Jan 29, 2006
Leicester, uk

Nice site, I was glad to find this after thinking nowhere cared that online casinos are a law to themselves.

My beef is with Monaco Gold Casino.

Deposited 20 got 20 bonus. Won on blackjack & attempted a withdrawal and it failed. There T&C's dont state anything about wagering requirements. So i emailed and asked what they were.

Dear Jon,

Thank you for choosing Monaco Gold Casino.

Hi Jon, I am Shari from the support team. In regards to your email, if you will click the link that I have listed below, it will take you to the terms and conditions of bonuses as well as all our other policies here at the casino.
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Everything is explained there for you and I apologize for any misunderstanding that mayhave happened.
Have a good day.

from that link i see 'terms and conditions' at the bottom and nothing about wagering requirements. So I email again.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for choosing Monaco Gold Casino.

This is Clifton from the Support Team. We are in receipt of your e-mail and advise that your withdrawal was declined because you did not complete the wagering requirements for the First Deposit Bonus. Please note that you are still required to wager a total of 720 in allowed games:
Bets placed in Baccarat (all types of Baccarat), Black Jack (all types of Black Jack), Craps, Roulette (all types of Roulette) and Sic Bo (all types of Sic Bo).
Jonathan, you can find the Terms & Conditions for the bonus on the website at under the following address:
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Still couldnt see this in their T&C's but at least now I knew why it hadn't paid the withdrawal. I wasn't very happy and set out to meet the terms. I won 500 on pontoon and eventually made the 720 bonus requirement. and the minute I did I made a withdrawal. Then I get this email :

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for playing at our tables.

Previously, you made a withdrawal request for which you did not meet the wagering requirements. Therefore, the withdrawal was declined and you were given another opportunity to meet the wagering.
Our records show that you have made another withdrawal request. However, the wagering requirements still have not been met. According to our policy (please refer to the websites terms and conditions for details), if a player makes a second withdrawal request without having met the wagering requirements, the initial deposit is refunded and the winnings voided.
To remain in accordance with our policies, the winnings in your account have been voided and any bonuses removed. Your initial deposit has been refunded.
You are welcome to continue wagering in the casino account.
Good Luck.

So they cancelled my winnings because I tried to cashout before meeting the bonus requirements.... this is just plain wrong. Its not even in their T&Cs. I eventually found the information in Help ---> FAQ's ---> Bonus. where it gives the information - but that isnt their T&C's?? Both times I had asked their support they sent me to the T&C's from the homepage and this mentions nothing. In effect by not giving me the information they helped me to void my winnings. The other point is that they never voided my winnings when I didnt meet the bonus requirements they waitind until after I had met the requirements to VOID it from the withdrawal made the week before.

Whilst reading their actual T&C's i also discovered this line :

In connection with the specific terms of the above promotions, bonus and special offers, we further reserve the right to withhold any withdrawal amount from your account which will be in excess of your original deposit.

So they wont pay out more than you ever deposit??? This cant be right. and I cant believe they took the 500 off me because of a rule in their help file. What can I do with this? any help would be really appreiciated. People running no-win casinos like this need to be stopped. Many Thanks

I forgot to mention that the direct link that they never gave me in any email with the rules on is below. As a challenge feel free to try to get to this page from their homepage..... its not possible anymore even i think??

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Thanks man,

I still feel very hard done by - they specifically told me to goto the terms & conditions not to goto 'promotions' as you did straight away!

Remember that I only tried to withdraw my winnings and it failed - why is that frowned upon by them? I don't understand the legal side of things but their terms can stop any payout in any number of ways. I mean.... How can a casino have terms & conditions that say 'you can't withdraw more than your initial deposit' ide say that isn't even a casino. Its some kind of no lose profit scheme. I might contact playtech and set myself up one of these.....

Even if I hadn't of tried to withdraw, They would have said im withdrawing more than my total deposits and took it anyway.......
Oh yeah, when I clicked on the above MonacoGold links, I was subjected to an absolute BARRAGE as download boxes - it was all I could do to stop the casino auto-downloading. It must have thown about ten attempts at me. Disgusting tactics.

I don't think people realize how truly awful these places are, and the level of scum that are behind them. You must not touch ANY Playtech casino without doing some serious research at WOL and Casinomeister.
but i notice they arent listed in the 'evil ones' section even.... I will have a read of your thread mate.

Another point (sorry, im angry!)

Cliftons email from monaco says that I havent yet made my bonus requirement of 720 in the correct games. Why tell me that after a failed cashout where he knows that situation has voided them? he may as well state their terms at that stage and tell me that my winnings and all future winnings made are void..... but he doesn't?

I personally think this is a very dodgy T&C. How do they get away with it? are there any laws they have to stick to? I mean their T&C states they wont payout above the amount a player deposits - is that not worryingly bad for online gaming? my point is its not gaming.

im getting the picture though that my 500 is gone yer?? No other way of taking it up?
Hello Suited 72 and welcome to the wonderful world of online casino bonuses!

First off, please do not feel bad. Everyone of us who have used a bonus can recall a similar horror story. The fact is, bonuses are dodgy at best and (in some cases) shams at worst.

The trickery you describe is how some casinos "win" or keep your cash despite offering lucrative deposit bonuses. Does it suck? You bet (no pun). So you ask: how can they get away with this practice? It's simple, really. Operate a casino in a foreign jurisdiction which makes it impossible (or too costly) to do anything legally to stop it.

This forum should be required reading before ANY casino is downloaded.

Consider yourself fortunate to have received your original deposit back and then consult the accredited casinos listed on this site before you make any further wagers. Refrain from using any bonus (if you can) and play any damn game you wish! Win and get paid!

Best of luck to you in your future wagering. :thumbsup:
I concur pretty much with these sentiments.

Suited72 said:
but i notice they arent listed in the 'evil ones' section even.... I will have a read of your thread mate.

My own "evil" section would be rather more extensive.

Just because a casino isn't there listed does not make it playable by definition. I could name probably 50 such casinos.

Again, without looking closely at the case, my guess is you're SOL here. I could see no mention of the $20 / $20 bonus you mentioned when I glanced at that filthy site, so could get no further with the terms. Frankly, I'm in no hurry to go back and be subjected to all that download shit, but I'll take another look.
Frankly, I'm in no hurry to go back and be subjected to all that download shit, but I'll take another look.

Caruso, I am truly starting to like you more and more with each post. You at least shoot from the hip, no confusion as to where you stand on issues (or casinos). And as far as Playtech goes, I am with ya all the way.
As much as I agree, I have had this before with prestige casino, they offered me a "new user bonus" however the link it came with had terms and conditions. I wagered as required, and withdrew, they promptly refused it (after 4 days, hoping you cancel and lose it). I then wondered why, I gave a quick look on their website, and it said that 1st deposits have different t&c's! To be honest I felt they had done me in, but in all fairness, I think I should have read their website properly, as expected nowadays, with all these complicated bonuses, and it was hidden somewhere there. I then wagered as required again and they allowed me to withdraw.

I am not at all agreeing to them, however I think it has come to a stage, that I can't be bothered fighting, as I know you will be talkibng to a solid brick wall.

Fairness aside (as you should definatly be able to withdraw it), they will not accept "anyones" complaint in regards to such a problem, they will just turn around as say "our terms say clearly on the website....." . Also beware if you try withdrawing again, they may even forfeit your winnings altogether (as mentioned somewhere in their T&C's..... probably)
OK, I survived the barrage. If you click "cancel" four times, that filthy download box whatsit gives up.

All I can see is a 12X wagering requirement for the 20% bonus, with no BJ, roulette etc. They also state that if you cashout before meeting the terms they will void your winnings. Pontoon is not specifically excluded, but one understands it as a BJ variant.

Sorry, but from what I see their asses are covered on this one without even invoking the "we reserve the right to screw you" clause, because you did technically break the rules.

500 bucks isn't too bad a mistake for a first outing; at my first casino, Gaming Club, I pissed away $1500 at a time I seriously could not afford so to do, not through a bonus screw job but my own stupidity. I recovered, as will you.
Ok Suzecat, thanks. Im still feeling hurt though. So no-one can sue playtech or any online casino company? and has anyone ever tried on here? I would still like to see em put up in the "evil ones" list.. if not for what theyve done to me.... just for the T&C that gives them the right to not make a payout higher than a deposit.

That would make me feel a little better because if i was new to this site, which I am, i would look at that list of evil ones first and assume those not in it are legit.

Shame we cant all pull together if this happens as regularily as im lead to believe and make a case against this - ide be willing to pay what they took and another 500 on top to see them suffer. I always get well annoyed to know that some real asshole is making money out of being a scammer (especially when its my money helping him laugh at everyone) I truly believed online casinos etc would be a VERY tightly controlled & regulated online industry. Ive been playing on mainly poker for years and never even dreamt that companys would be able to still get away with this, let alone some of the other stuff ive been reading in this forum.

Casinomeister.... if it would help your position then please put a donation form on your site so you can start collectively sueing these places. Ide happily start with the 20 im gonna make monacogold send me back. Ide love a good post even if it was once every 2 years to sink one of these places. It wouldnt be long before they stood up and took notice.

God i dont even know what im on about now... i need to cool down.
Yea, i respect everyones opinion on here. Remember though that 500 is about $1000 so its not as if its a throw away amount (not to me anyways)

The bonus i took was the "100% free bonus up to 200 //$"

And I also respectfully take the point made above that I should have read the terms & conditions.... but please take note that I assure you that I did and it doesn;t mention this and its hid in the "promotions" section.

At no point in the terms and conditions does it link me to anywhere that states that if i attempt a withdrawal my winnings are void. And uungry, they have forfeited all my winnings and bonus, my account is back to 20.... hence my anger.
Monaco Gold is obviously not for high rollers, either:

Players will be allowed to withdraw not more than $10,000 (or the equivalent amount in EURO or GBP currency) per month

I bumped Caruso's nightmare list, I think it's important.

Also, take a look at this......

at the bottom of the
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
homepage (remember to click cancel to download there software 600 times) there is a symbol of fair trading and approval by the government of antigua & barbuda (it is next to the 18 and above symbol) click that.... lol. What a joke. It takes you to the antiguan government website that goes on to say they are invalid and do not have a seal of approval.

And now what worries me is this - to make the withdrawal they made me send them scanned copies of my driving license and credit card. They sent an email saying " before we can payout we need scanned copies of your driving license or passport and your credit card" They refused my withdrawal after I sent these. Im worried after seeing that such a dodgy government would invalidate their gaming certificate what may happen with my CC and driving license? Now im really pissed off argh help!
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Suited72: you have discovered the "Wild Wild West" of dodgy casino jurisdictions! If you are familiar with the US and its history, take comfort that it only took about 200 years for the wild West to be far as sending your DL and CC to this part of the your peace of mind worth twenty pounds?
I have already sent my DL and CC last week to get the 500 that they went on to refuse.... how bad could this be for me? what i do next - what could they do with scanned copies of those docs?

This is just plain stupid, I must be able to do something with this? A casino pretending to be a certified company in a country where its license has been revoked should not be up on the internet taking peoples CC details and DL copies....
Suited72: I know NOTHING about UK law so cannot help you with that aspect of this problem. What would I do? Probably contact my CC company and tell them I believe my CC has been compromised and ask for the account to be closed and a new one issued.

I do not want to go off on a tangent about the DL and identity theft. Do you already have measures in place to alert you to scammers attempting to fraudulently use your identity? IF so, then you are in a good place. IF not, then you have some work to do IMO.
Suited72 said:
This is just plain stupid, I must be able to do something with this? A casino pretending to be a certified company in a country where its license has been revoked should not be up on the internet taking peoples CC details and DL copies....

As much as I hear you anger and understand the frustration, no there isn't much you can do about this. BJ as far as I can see was not allowed to be played (pontoon is a variant of BJ). Unforutnately the casino is covered by their T&C's.

In my eyes you can take this & chalk it down to experience.
As others have pointed out, before downloading another casino check here first. If from what I've read you seem to be new to this form of entertainment, it maybe prudent of you to only download casinos that are endorsed by Casino Meister.

Whatever you choose to do in future though, before you drop a single bet, make sure you totally understand the Terms & Conditions, rules and so forth of the casino you intend to play at. If unsure then ask support to clarify things.
These T&Cs truly suck, no question but as GM points out they probably have you here, for which sincere sympathy.

It is astonishing that operators such as this continue to use this sort of nonsense to make short term savings at the expense of future potential business.

Even more so considering that Monaco Gold was taken into the Empire Online group which is a listed company that has just produced a very upbeat trading update.

Now we know why this Israeli operator (Noam Lanir of Empire Online) is so optimistic!
jetset said:
Even more so considering that Monaco Gold was taken into the Empire Online group which is a listed company that has just produced a very upbeat trading update.

Now we know why this Israeli operator (Noam Lanir of Empire Online) is so optimistic!

No matter what the Ts and Cs say, the truth is that the casino must not be allowed to void winnings whenever they like to. If the player had played in disallowed games,the winnings can be voided because he used the bonus to attain them. This is different for excluded games and just because he made a second withdrawal request does not mean that his winnings can be voided which were won fairly and squarely. They may reverse the winnings back to the account and only allow a withdrawal when the WRs are met. They may even take away the bonus but insist that the WRs are met but the winnings simply cannot be voided because the casino has not lost anything in the process.

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