Monaco Gold Casino Sucks


Dormant account
Feb 4, 2006
I have read various rumours about MGC around the net and I decided to investigate as it is advertised everywhere.

It has this very "yummy" bonus if 200% up to 600 euros/$/GBP.

I have sent many emails asking more explanation on their rules etc because something was not right to me and of course... I got no reply at all.

Just out of curiosity and after a month of no replies I joined for real money just to check their online support.

Then someone started chatting and bombed me with all the possible bonuses I could get trying to make me start playing by saying "Dont you want to start over?" etc etc

The funny thing is that I had a computer crash. My password was not saved so I tried to retrieve it...

I am telling you people... After three emails the only thing I can tell is that It is impossible to retrieve my password and although I remember it I cannot log in!!!!

It seems that MGC only wants you to deposit your money and start playing... nothing else matters to them...

Avoid MGC completely!!!
People that go chasing crazy sign-up bonuses make up a good portion of the complaints section here at the forum. Try one of the Accredited Casinos listed on this site if you want to be able to have some recourse if you get into a problem.
Monaco are a joke. I found this site after playing there! Youll be glad you put no money on.

Monaco Terms & conditions "we reserve the right to withhold any withdrawal amount from your account which will be in excess of your original deposit"

arent really great playing terms are they.

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