Monaco Gold bonus turned non cashable while playing


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Sep 16, 2006
Opened up an account with Monaco Gold casino. I was offered a 200% bonus (deposit 300 and receive 600 bonus). Asked the customer service rep in Monaco Golds live chat (inside the casino software) if the bonus is cashable. She told me it is.

I played and met the wagering requirements. Ended up with 1,000 euros and went to cash it out. Cashing out did not work so I sent their security an email asking them to fix this problem so that I can withdraw my money. To my BIG surprise they told me that the bonus is non cashable.

Not even their terms and conditions mention the bonus being non-cashable or removed after meeting the wagering requirements. Not that this even mathers because I was told that I can cash out the bonus.

I have contacted Playtech 2 times within the last month, without receiving any reply. I cant let Monaco Gold get away with my money by braking their own promise. Can somebody help me with this problem?
CS Bull

Fine example of CS Bullsh1t.

Monaco Gold bonus has always been non-cashable, so the CS should have known better. Most of these Playtech bonuses turn out to be non-cashable, they tend to be beaten by leveraged play on a high variance game, ensuring it is one of the allowed ones first!

One example would be gunning for the 3OK or Straight Flush on Three Card Poker Pair+ and meeting remaining WR with small slots bets. Playtech slots do seem to keep you going for ages. Usig Roulette of Blackjack is no longer a good idea for beating the bonus, especially at this group who will use it as reason to void the winnings.

As for terms, it is buried in the banking guidance under withdrawals. To get the cashout to work in playtech you have to enter the amount of funds less the bonus. In your case of ending with 1000 Euro, you should enter 700 (1000 less the 300 bonus), and the cash-in will work. As soon as the cash-in is accepted, the remaining 300 will vanish and the balance will be set to zero, at which point you can uninstall Monaco Gold and wait the usual 5 to 10 days for payment. When you get paid, you can send them a "rude" E-mail telling them how much you appreciated the standard of knowledge shown by their CS staff regarding the promotions;)

I've played there two or three times, and the bonuses most definitely *are* cashable.

That seems odd, as when I last looked at the T & C it mentioned that the bonus will be removed from the withdrawal, which I interpreted as meaning it was non-cashable. This would seem to have been the case for a couple of years at least, and is the main reason I was not tempted to try them out (before I even found out that some players had issues with the group).

I will have to look again, as the UK shopping site (mutualnet) offers a bounty worth around 30 just for signing up and depositing the minimum. As the shopping site also has non-payment issues, I don't join unless the casino also offers a great deal. I was never paid for using them to join Captain Cooks casino:mad: (They DO pay when I shop at DELL though, and very quick).
The biggest problem is that nobody helps me with this issue. Monaco Golds security/accounts just state that they will remove the bonus. Playtech has not even bothered to answer the 2 inquiries/complaints I have sent them. My only help could be Bryan.
How should I proceed?

Just one more thing. Isnt it obvious that Monaco Gold should pay me the whole 1000? Their customer service stated that the bonus is cashable. Additionally their terms dont mention the bonus being remover after cashing out.

Can anybody advise me how to get the money that belongs to me? Playtech doesnt bother to answer me and Monaco Gold wont negotiate. I would like to hear Casinomeisters comment. I would be very thankful.
ISSUE SOLVED: Monaco Gold paid me

Hello again. Monaco Gold now told me that the bonus is cashable after all =). I got the money today.
So good for you :)

Everytime I have to deal with casinos they tell me to read the T&C, sometimes I wish they would read it ...

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