Mona Casino - personal data theft?


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Apr 4, 2005
Received today, from [email protected]

Personal Invitation to <my name>

Hi, my name is Robert Nash, I tried reaching you today at <my phone number> (It seemed disconnected) a while back I was one of your account managers at a MicroGaming software that I used to work on. You used to play mostly Table Games, today I am the traffic quality manager here at TopGame and wanted you to check the new club which was made especially for Table Games players and targeted on the United Kingdom time zone. My job in one line is to get the best players to play in my clubs. I trust that this Email is reaching you in good health and happiness. It was important for me to touch base with you and extend the invitation to play with our establishment. As an online player I am well aware of your value, it is for this reason alone I have approached you. I want to effectively ensure that your gaming experience will be absolutely seamless, enjoyable and profitable. I would expect you to inform me of any comments, issues, concerns and all other related items of business so that I may adequately deal with such matters. In a different note, our progressive jackpots have just reached the 5,000,000$ mark, and I would like to give you a small chip before you deposit, for you to try and hit it.

Link is to mona casino, with the "sourceID=1053980", which I guess is an affiliate tag.

So not sure if this is a rogue affiliate or a rogue casino.

But either way looks like improper use of personal data.

I'm sure this must happen a lot.....


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
Do you know what MG casino he was at, if what he said is true. I would be way PO'd and would notify the MG casino that me personal data went with one of their former employees.

Mona is hinky in my opinion. They keep spamming me and I've never been to their website so I don't know where they got my email.


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Jun 1, 2007
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Yeah i received this also.

If its anything like mine you will also be getting a phone call from them.

Try not to swear at them:D