Dormant Account
Jul 15, 2012
I'm sure y'all experienced this, but i have to tell you about my recent RIVAL sessions at Slots Capital.

For 2 weeks, every deposit was blown away in minutes. I couldn't win again. Even the slots that were always good to me treated my bad. As example on "Moonshiner's Moolah" i weren't able to get to the "Chicken Bonus Round" for 3 weeks.

And now yesterday, i tried again, busted... Had only 6$ left. Tried "Moonlight Mystery", during free spins 3 wilds -> Back to 124$.

And since then nearly every slot treats me well. Changed to Moonshiner's Moolah. 3 chicken bonus rounds in 4 minutes. Before i tried 3 weeks to catch them!!!

Now i'm at 360$ and only about 1000$ to wager...

Did you also had sessions like this where after bad times everything worked, whatever slot you tried...



The eagle got Kevin!
Mar 22, 2011
Land of the "free"
Congrats, and yep, bet most of us have... it's why we continue this crazy hobby.

I am in one of my "seriously? give me a break" stints with my Rival of choice, Desert Nights - grind, grind, grind. Then, on Love & Money (which consistently lets me get my bankroll back up if I jump around in bets) I hit "bet max" for a few spins, not even realizing I'd upped my bet earlier to .75 a line... so the max bet was 3.75 instead of .75. Dammit - just like that, no more to grind. (My bank blocks my account if I have two international debits in a row, so no chance to grind it back.. which is a good thing. There's always tomorrow, when hopefully I'll receive at least one of two recent w/d's I'm waiting on to replenish my gaming budget.)

ETA: For some reason my cashout-able wins always seem to happen on the mid-month weekend. It's weird. (I'm US, so I have a 350 minimum cashout.)

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