Mom Accused of Cutting Off Son's Genitals Blames Dog


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Mom Accused of Cutting Off Son's Genitals Blames Dog

Monday, August 10, 2009

HOUSTON Prosecutors told jurors Monday that a Texas woman accused of cutting off her infant son's genitals two years ago was a drug abuser who showed no remorse or concern for her child as he was on the verge of death.

Katherine Nadal's defense attorneys, however, said an expert will back up the 28-year-old woman's claim it could have been the family dog, a 6-to-7 pound dachshund, that mutilated her son in their suburban Houston apartment in March 2007.

Nadal is on trial on a charge of injury to a child, a first-degree felony. She faces up to life in prison if convicted of attacking her then-5-week-old son, Holden Gothia. Her trial is expected to last at least a week.

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It is a sick, sick world & getting worse every day. You wonder why these sort of people have kids & the answer is the government gives out to much money for you to have them these days IMO :mad:

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This just makes me sick to think that a mother or any mother or father could ever harm a child:mad:,all children ,are a blessing and should be loved and nurtured, never abused .............laurie


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This is the latest atrocity surrounding a baby here in the Houston area. It is hard to even the imagine the extent of pain this three year old little girl suffered before she died. There are too many children in this country like Emma who are betrayed by the very people that should protect them.

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My mom used to work for child protection and one of my sisters still does...

I could tell you some stories that would make you puke and have nightmares.

The six month old who's mother used her for an ashtray...the baby had over 100 cigarette burns.

Or the nine year old who was kept tied up and gaged in dark room his ENTIRE life... he died in that room.

I could go on... but I am getting sick... I just wish we would execute people that do these terrible things to children.


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I agree - you have to wonder what sort of twisted monster would deliberately hurt and frighten a small innocent child, and every time I hear or read about an incident in the news I get angry.

The Brits had a really bad case recently which resulted in the mother, her boyfriend and his brother being sent to jail for persistent cruelty and battering which led to a small boy dying from a broken back, head injuries and cigarette burns.

Those bastards should have been given the ultimate penalty instead of being sent to jail so they could eventually ask for parole.

Adding horror to the case was the fact that despite overt signs that the home environment was bad, the local welfare officials failed to act - that resulted subsequently in a witch hunt and dismissals, but that was too late for baby Peter.


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OMG there are no words to describe the anger I feel when reading these stories. I would die for my girls. (As most normal loving parents would) I can't even imagine how anyone could do these horrible things. God help our children.



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Some people shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog, much less be allowed to breed.

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Some people shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog, much less be allowed to breed.
This has me thinking....I love dogs/cats actually all animals, but doesn't anyone find it strange that there are so many charities involving animals, but terrible things go on with children everyday. It's almost like people sometimes care more about animals than children.

We have charities that help poor children, but what about charities for abused children, getting them into a real home! I'm sure it's easier to prove animal torture than child torture, (the black and blues or cuts whatever could be hidden under clothes) but it pisses me off that things like this happen to children every day and no one does anything about it. Friends/family/neighbors MUST know something but let it go, whereas if it was an animal it would be gone from that family in no time.


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Jurors in mutilation case sentence mom to 99 years

Harris County jurors deliberated about two hours on Monday before sentencing Katherine Katie Nadal, a former Anahuac cheerleader, the maximum allowed for the charge of serious bodily injury to a child. Nadal, 28, was also fined $10,000. She will have to serve 30 years before becoming eligible for parole.

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