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Mar 4, 2004
South Africa
With the prediction that mobile search and video advertising will hit $19BIL by 2011 and Microsofts clear interest in the mobile market, I have recently been asked by several people how mobile SEO works. I decided because I have been quiet for some time I should perhaps open this for discussion. There is no doubt in my mind that mobile gambling is certainly the way of the future and setting up a mobile site is pretty simple so why not do so. The following are my observations from a new venture I am involved in.

Perhaps helping a couple of others to enter the mobile search market as a plus side is not to shavy :D. Following are a few points to keep in mind when designing a mobile site.

  • When designing a mobile site avoid using tables
  • Keep page sizes as small as possible
  • Use good headings that targets your main keyword phrases and keep usability in mind continuously, people need to know exactly what a click will result to.
  • Be fairly strict on using proper
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    in your mobile site design.
  • Do not use long titles but rather short accurate titles
  • Ensure that your robots.txt file doesn't exclude mobile spiders
  • As with normal SEO ensure that you link to good quality sites as reference utilizing specific themed anchor text.
  • Ensure a good solid site structure with themed downward levels, to ensure that bottom levels gives relevance to upper levels.
  • Obtain backlinks and deeplinks from other mobile sites and websites.
  • Use simple url's
  • To start indexing is simple, simply link to your mobile site from your standard site or build backlinks in a similar way you would building backlinks to your normal site.
  • Keep in mind that sites like Yahoo! has admitted using human reviews and ratings in their rankings results.

To test your mobile site for google you can preview it on a Nokia 6820 phone as it seems like Google use that profile to index your mobile site. Or to preview it online with the
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Jun 15, 2007
I think ill join the 21st Century and get myself a nokia phone. Sagem just doesnt seem to cut the mustard any more:what:

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