MLB Simulation Technology...any thoughts?

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World Series Game 1
Philadelphia 4 @ New York 8 - Alex Rodriguez hits a first inning three-run homerun off of Cliff Lee, but the Phillies answer with three in the third off C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees score again and Philadelphia answers to keep it close. Finally, Hideki Matsui crushes a three-run blast to pull ahead by four runs and Mariano Rivera shuts the Phillies down for the Game One win. Matsui, New York's designated hitter, earns Player of the Game honors for his big hit. Dueling former Cy Young Award winners and Indians teammates, Lee and Sabathia both pitch seven innings and allow seven hits.
I guess their machine was broke. :cool:

I didn't watch the game (we were playing Wii) but there were 7 runs in the game...too bad Yankees that Phillies got 6 of them. :D

No one is interested in this simulator? :(