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Dormant account

Has anyone used Mister Winner Casino?

I haven't been able to contact them either by email or chat for 3 weeks.

I have a withdrawal that has been pending for the same time.

Are they dodgy/gone bust?




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Hi never heard of them. For a safe list of casinos to play at see the casinos listed here on the Accredited Casinos.

So god knows about this outfit. Not a strong license either and no UKGC license which seeing your from the UK ... should be something you look for otherwise you have little or no recourse if things go wrong. They are allot of crap rouge outfits out there ... none of which find themselves into the list here. Maybe someone else can give you some info on this casino but I cant sorry.


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Most probably a rogue casino.
Bad license, ridiculous bonus (400% up to 12,000) and nothing our friend google has to say.

Stay clear and if you're burnt already - you've learned your lesson. I am sorry to say that.
Next time stick to the accredited casinos (link posted by Deeplay)


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Jeez.. what a crappy site. As mentioned before, STAY AWAY from dodgy sites like these, there are dozens of them mostly offering betsoft games (which are useless imo). This forum will give you solid information and you have a list of accredited casinos where you can play safe.

I found their affiliate site, seems they have another cheap site called 007 slots (very creative):p

Maybe you can get a contact there.
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They only have an internal message function, no contact information at all, very suspicious.

Only advice would be to file a PAB (one shot) or file a complaint at another dispute resolution site like thepogg, askgamblers etc. I wouldnt have too high expectations if they are not reachable within 3 weeks, but you can give it a shot.

How much did you cashout btw?


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It looks like a mrgreen knock off, Using Green as a main colour and the man with the hat, There is a live help on the left hand side,


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Cashed out 200£, inc 100£ dep

Just enough to be annoying

Not of the slots worked, could only play blackjack which would have taken forever on wager requirements.

When I could get through to them (3 weeks ago) I asked to remove the 400% bonus and they agreed.

Heard nothing since


Dormant account
Funnily enough, after 3 weeks I finally get through on chat

They tell me the withdrawal is now approved - looks that way as no longer reversible.

May have escaped, but still one to avoid as software is slow/doesnt work and customer service almost non existent


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Three weeks for cashout approval, that's not poor, it's ridiculous!
Approved & still not no if they received, Thats the thing, 1 hit wonders they moan come here and not hear no more from them, That is completely up to them but would be great full for an update,

Same as others, knock casino down put a bad name against them when they player has done wrong than not hear from agian untill they sign up in a next name