Missmillions still owe me 2695$


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Mar 24, 2005
I don't trust RTG Montana anymore after what happened with them take a look I think you agree with me.

I cashed out in Missmillions 3695$ on the 21/dec/2004

The casino had problems to pay and sent me an email he would pay in payments and he did pay 1000$

After couple of weeks I saw that the terms for Israeli player were changed to double the wagering but I was not worried since I had a screenshot and also the fact the casino start processing the cahsout already, but I was wrong.

The casino closed and then playsecurity asked for double wagering to process my cashin I sent then the screenshot explaining them it was amended after I cashout and look at their reply:

Our Final findings are in favor of the operator. To our knowledge Israel has been listed as a country that must wager double the playthrough requirements for several months now. We know for sure that it was added prior to January 2005, but we do not have an exact date of this addition. Unfortunately, your screenshot does not have any timestamps on it to verify when it was taken. We have also investigated another option that stores previous web pages, but we were still unable to verify when this change was made. Thank you

Now the daily excuse is that there is no date on the screenshot.

Then I asked them how could it be that I didn't wager enough if the casino sent me an email that he is sorry for the delay and already process part of the cashin, the casino should have reversed the money and deny the cashout which had not happened. They never replied, also I pitched a bitch and never got any reply.
rabin said:
...also I pitched a bitch and never got any reply.
I've been busy :D

Do you have copies of these emails? Please send these to me and the screen shots. Thanks!
They changed their mind, thank you for your help

Comment: Dear Rabin, Final findings have been sent to the operator. This is the operator’s last opportunity to respond to any findings, or to resolve this claim internally. Although your screen shot was not conclusive, it is rather suspicious that the casino authorized the $1000.00. It may have been in error or it may have been done because you are correct in your dispute. Unfortunately, we cannot pinpoint the exact date of the terms update on their website, so we have agreed to resolve this claim in hopes to maintain a happy and loyal RTG player. We will update this claim when the payment has been processed. Thank you, The Player Dispute Team

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