Mississippi 'personhood' amendment


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I find such legislation archaic, invasive, and the very fact that it has been introduced and gone so far as to be put on a ballot, terrifying....

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It's that lack of specifics that has many people upset. Many worry about voting for an amendment without knowing the exact medical, moral, legal and criminal implications.

Diane Derzis, who runs Mississippi's only abortion clinic, said most people don't understand how far-reaching the amendment could be.

"By this very definition of this bill, a fertilized egg is a person, so that does away with the IUD and most forms of birth control," she said. "For a woman who has a miscarriage -- is she going to be investigated? I mean, this may sound like the Twilight Zone, but this is where we are with this stuff."

Supporters of the amendment dismiss such speculation as scare tactics.

The ballot initiative is part of a national campaign brought by Personhood USA. Mississippi is the only state voting....


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I think what definitely needs to be defined is, When does 'personhood' begin? For example, I don't believe that 'life' is necessarily synonymous with 'personhood'. However, if personhood can be identified to begin at a specific point, then it is in my opinion that it's wrong for any person to take the personhood of another regardless of what stage of personhood the person is in. For example, to say that a woman should by all means have a choice in the pertinent matter, I believe to be morally and fundamentally right and good. But by the same standard, if 'personhood' can be identified as have already begun, then what about that individuals choice.

No offense to anyone as this is just food for thought and I believe it's an issue that needs to be struggled with in the heart of every individual.

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