Missing Withdrawal at Heartbingo

Rachel 1974

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Oct 1, 2021
Hi,I made two small withdrawals,£10,£15.from heartbingo,I’m a regular customer and I’ve spent a lot of money with them.Heartbingo take up to 24 hours to authorise the withdrawal and once processed,the winnings are in your account within two hours.It’s been four days and I’ve already been in contact with them.I explained I’d not recieved my winnings and all they could say was it had been processed at their end and to contact my bank.I phoned my bank,there are no pending payments coming in,and RBS has not blocked any incoming funds.I sent another email yesterday morning to heartbingo repeating what the bank had said to me and I’ve had no reply.If heartbingo are just saying it’s been processed at their end,then it’s obviously an internal error on their part as it’s not gone to my account.I’ve missed playing,too.Since I’ve not recieved my requested payout,I’ve kinda thought,what’s the point in playing/depositing if I’m not going to get paid out when I win.In my last email to them,I gave them my bank details so they could do a direct transfer of my funds,I’ve heard,recieved nothing.What can I do to get my winnings? Its only £25,I’m not a high roller,but I want what’s mine.Are they able to chase where the money went to at their end?Failing that I could send bank statements proving I have not recieved anything.Has this ever happened to anyone here and how can I resolve this?Thanks for reading.At heartbingo my username is- <snip>.
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