miss millions dont know how to override thier software?


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Oct 29, 2004
mesa arizona
it starts with me downloading installing and registering as a real player to get the $30 promo bonus at mjss millions. I dont remember ever playing here but they said there was a nic similar to mine, with a similar email address and similar password. so i just left it alone until the next day they said they would give me the promo anyhow. well it turns out that i cant input the code and the cashier cant either so now i dont get the promo. here is a copy of what happened in live help after about 10 emails or so:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]'
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: this coupon was suppose to be redeemed yesterday by the cashier (CW9HJ) and said it would take 3-5 hours its been over 24
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: what is your account name, please
you: slotsky
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: I'll look upon it, one second please.
you: ty
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: you just redeemed it
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: but with another account
you: but it didnt give me anything and that other account was suppose to be cancelled
you: she cancelled it well over 24 hours ago then i got an email and it said they would give me the promo
you: and still cant get it
you: what do u mean i just redeemed it with another account?
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: normally you are allowed to redeem it just one time
you: lol
you: ive never been here and emailed the casino then got an email that said theres another account similar to mine but they will give me the promo and had me
you: choose the account i wanted i picked slotsky cuz it is the only account i know of anyhow lol
you: and they said they would have the cashier input this code in 3-5 hours yesterday and it still isnt done
you: here is what one of the emails said
you: Hello Sueanne (again), the code can not be redeemed, because of the restriction about the several accounts. I have send your request to our cashier, so that he will redeem the code manually. It will take up to 3 or 5 hours. I hope you can wait. ;-) Regards, Your Miss Millions Support Team
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: they did but the system denied it a few times
you: so what do i do?
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: do you have the ticket number ?
you: what ticket number?
you: for an email or the promo?
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: in the mails
you: LTK662064X
you: do u want them all?
you: lol
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: one moment, please
you: ok
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: ok
you: im herer
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: i phoned about it with the cashier
you: yes?
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: hell try to give you the bonus again, but there are difficulties with the system, it could make it unable
you: ok.......... so if he cant what then?
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: then it wont work. the system cannot accept the exception we want to do for you
you: ok ty
Support-Team 7 [ Ray ]: but we try our best
you: ty
you: hagd

Does anyone have any ideas to throw at me so i can talk to them about it?

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