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May 15, 2013
Yesterday, while waiting for some (texas holdem)poker action, I tried a few casinogames as I did before.

After a few spins on the roulette and slots I played 10 hands of BJ. Nothing special happens. After that I decided to play about 10 hands of Carribean Studpoker. After a couple of hands I noticed something strange when the bank had 3 of a kind but the "dealer" stated flush.

A few more hands later I got myself 2 pair and again the dealer stated the wrong hand, saying it was a straight. So far nothing exciting but I was highly surprised as I got paid of as my 2 pair were a straight. I wondered what was going on and kept playing till I got 3 of a kind dealt. Dealer says flush and I got a "jackpotscreen" saying I got 50 times my Jackpotbet. WOW! Of course my will to play real poker was gone, this was way better so I minimized the pokerroom lobby.

In the hands I was dealt in the 3 hours I kept playing, I found out:

no hand=> $ no hand
1 pair=> $ 1 pair
2 pair=> $ straight
3 of a kind=> $ flush+Jackpot
Straight=> $ Full house+Jackpot
Didn't get any flush
Full house=> $ Full House (although dealer stated straight flush)

I made some good money and just checked the pokkerroom lobby after 3 hours coincidentally . In their balance was a complete other amount than in the studpoker balance. I knew that they worked simultaneous before so I played a couple of hands more, while keeping an eye on both balances. By than I found out that the wrong payouts where only given in the studpoker balance and not in the pokerrrooms'. So while I thought I was winning I actually was losing quite a lot. Definitely an amount I wouldn't lose if this bug wasn't there.

Of course I made some screenshots, but I don't want to name the pokerroom yet as I haven't contacted yet.

Can someone please tell me if I have any chance get my lost money back, or even my winnings?


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Oct 17, 2004
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All (reputable) online casino operators have incredibly thorough back office processes and audit trails. Essentially any transaction is logged, recorded and translated across a number of reporting platforms.

You need to report your findings to the operator concerned in the first instance and see what they find... and say. Good luck.


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Oct 14, 2004
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This seems far more serious than a mere client end display error.

Interestingly, "malfunction voids play", and I can be pretty certain that the casino would void all the play if THEY had been losing out to this software bug, so if they determine it to be a malfunction at the server, they should also void all the bets even though they were the ones benefitting.

The scope of this bug is also of interest, as it depends on whether the server side of the stud poker thought you had more than you should.

For a mere display bug, I would have expected the balance to be repeatedly refreshed from the true value held on the server, so that fact that it just kept on growing points to a server side error where the games side was tracking the wrong balance, but the poker side was tracking the correct balance.

Of particular interest would be how the stud poker game would react when it showed a positive balance, but in truth you had busted out. This would throw more light on the nature of this bug, and also be of interest to advantage players, particularly if the casino took the stance of "deny everything" by blaming your PC, browser cache, etc.

For now, you should stop playing there until this is sorted out.

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