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Nov 24, 2003
the best casinos that i have found on the net have been caesars, flamingo, vegas online and the grand.
they are all ran by the same company.
in two days i won over 15,000.00
and got paid... no problem
I downloaded Omni Casino on 11/30/98 deposited $200 and hit a Jackpot Royal Flush (Video Poker) after playing for 2 1/2 hours, it paid $8,000.00. I cashed out immediately and got paid within 8 days just like they said I would, and the check cleared today. This is me :) Kudo's to Omni Casino!
It's comforting to know that there are some honest casinos out there on the Internet that pay people when they win, and I would like to share the information with others after hearing horror stories of players not getting paid by other online casinos.
Casino Of The Worlds.. This is a great casino.. all the games are fun and fair. I won about 3000 on slots.. they have 8 line slot machines that really pay off when they are hot... this is a great casino...

Note: I have not receive my winnings yet.. so don't get too excited. I will report back when I get paid (if I get paid)
Did anybody have any experience with KingTuts and GoldRush online casinos?
They appear to be too shy to tell much about themselves.
Please, email me any info.
Update on Casinos of the World... Finally someone sent me an email concerning my winnings, a check is being issued... for 2300+ US Dollars... I won on slot machines. Thank you COW... Finally a honest casino.
BTW... Thanks to Steve Adkins for his picks on good casinos... I went to the Flamingo.. after his suggestion, and hit 1000US on a slot machine, cashed out... money being wired to bank account... also... only started with 50 bucks... gotta love when that happens.

I wish to thank the CASINOMEISTER for this site... I hope it will become the WATCHDOGS for all these casinos... spread the word to your friends.. before you game, come here first.
Update to Casino Of The Worlds... Got my check in the mail yesterday... Thank you to Casino of the World for the FAST Payoff.

These guys have some great software.. check it out.. plus.. no problems with payoffs. It is truly fair and honest...
I have gambled with Casino Mapau as well as other online casinos. Believe me no other casino can even begin to put out the extra effort that Mapau puts out. I remember once receiving a post card in the mail signed by everyone at Casino Mapau. It really made me feel like if they really knew me. I know my bet is safe there and all my winnings are sent promptly without problems. I want everyone else to know about the great experience I have been having at Mapau Casino. There games are wonderful and they are really friendly people
Wondering if anyone tried the progressive video poker at www.galaxiworld yet? They don't seem to have to much traffic yet, very nice casino, hit the royal the other day. I love it when that happens
Has anyone had any "payout" experience with the
Grand Dominican online casino?...the site seems
good, and the blackjack appears to play fair, but
before I go diving in here, I'd like to hear from
some folks that have had an experience here.

The "Silver Palms Online Casino" the Internet's newest online casino is seeking supplemental startup funding from interested parties. All prospective investors/limited partners should inquire via email at: spcasino@aol.com (Attention to: General Partner). Business plan with offering is available. There is no deadline for interested parties. We are funded to launch casino operations on April 15th of this year. We are seeking supplemental marketing & advertising capital only.
The Crazy Horse Casino
Hot Roulette!
In two days spent $100, cashed out $420.
Service looks professional, same day emailed me confirming the withdrawal requests. Credit card deposits confirmed, will take 4 to 5 days ( not their fault) to hit my account. The remaining by wire transfer, 5 to 7 days, lets wait and see.
Anyone noticed Casino-on-Net has two URLs?...
www.entercasino.com, www.casino-on-net.com...

Is this O.K. ? Is there some catch in it?...
re: casino -on -net URL's

also try


However... so far they are HONEST... Fast payouts, solve problems with clients...
however their paying out (accounting department) opens from 8:00 to 16:00 from Mon to Fri. So they do not send you your payouts unless your cashout is processed within these hours. It takes 5 days to process your cashout... so if it was processed on saturday you have to wait until monday to get your cheque sent, on the other hand they accept your payments anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!!!!!!!!

After all they are Honest and they pay you.
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Over the last six months I have received checks from Casino Mapau for over $7,000....all my credit card refunds etc. have gone through just fine. And I too like the greeting card with real people signatures!
WILLIAM HILL CASINO is the best!! I won their grand prize of a trip to London for 8 days at the Ritz Hotel PLUS $1,000.00! Their site is fun, and they have always answered any emails I have sent them. If you have not visited....you are missing out!
Been gambling at Intercasino for last two months because of some great tips from Casinomeister folks. Won $250 the first time on Caribbean Poker. They credited my CC within 24 hours and the check for the remainder came in less than two weeks.

Visited them again two weeks ago and started with $25. Was up to $780 before three hours were up on Multi-player Roulette (my first time at the game). Withdrew that night. Again, my CC was credited the next business day and received the check. Went BACK on the next day and won another $640 on Roulette and received the last of my $500 check two days ago. Both times at the table I was placing $5 bets.

Does anybody know gambler's palace casino?
they owe me money, I formatted my computer and lost all data.
please help me locate them

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